We have all heard the conspiracy should know, they are nolonger theory but facts proven by scholars and scientists and perhaps all that humanit can hold out hope for, as NWO is destined to demoralize society in slavery.

The earliest people to record information was the Sumarians, untill recently as the last five to ten years scholars have learned to read thier script, adjustable series of triangles representing words.

  In this writen ancient writen text they have discovered information regaurding the stars that modern day scientists have only just discovered in the last 50 years.

Its no secret that the Myans and Aztecs calendar ends in the year 2012, scholars have been unlocking the secrets of people like the Myans all over the world, learning events that happened long ago, events that are destine to repeat its self. Science is confirming much of the data to be true. The information on this page are facts that should be heeded if there is to be a future for you and yours.

  In the last few years the New World Order Consiracy is revealing evevidence proving it to be true as world events unfold, events unfold sending the world into termoil at the wim of a few powerful greeedy people wishing to control the world. In fact these two items are inter twined leading up to a event of cataclismict porpotions that you need to know in order to prepare and react to events in the near futer and to recognize what is going on around you at this very moment that has been predicted by ancient civilizations.
  Todays society has been fortold in Christianity, the

  The fact is this event reoccures every 3600 years with the anniversery in the later of 2012. There is to much eveidence for this to be a is now fact, what you do and act will have an effect on your indavidual outcome. The theory, " there are no athiests in a fox hole" is about to be tested as total cauose will lead up to the final events as governments, controled by a few powerful indaviduals fueled by greed will affect the world and its survival, causeing hunger and starvation based on cost of living increases.

  The anti Christ could very well be corpartions and the people who control them from secret eagles nests, governments mear puppets quashing the people with taxes, laws, loss of freedoms our for fathers left thier families and gave thier lives for. Media 100% controled by 

Post on a mesage board that made me think about the future of insurance companies, worksafe BC, and the government clamping down like comunist dictators:

"I suppose that everyone is aware that this whole drug testing phenomenom was started by insurance companies seeking to avoid liability for workplace accidents. I needed stitches in my leg from a minor accident at work, and they took a urine sample before they sewed up the hole in my leg. If I'd come up hot, I'd have been fired, and been responsible for my own medical costs. As a matter of fact, all of the places I've worked that had "random" drug testing only tested people who had accidents, so if you were a cautious dope fiend, you'd be juft fine, and I knew a bunch of those."

You might be shocked if polticians and bearacrats were drug tested, many of them get drunk on the job, alcohal served at meetings, what other drugs are lingering in the shadows of our governing body.
There is no deneying New World Order consperacy, the history books are filled with many a man murdered to conceal the secrets of those few wealthy world donimating families and the corporations they own which in turn control all aspects of life and liberty.

the next few weeks I shall provide further details, but for now these video's speek for them selves.