How stupid do you have to be not to see what was coming in the last year or two...really, for those of you who think the USA is the best and we should emulate everything they do should have seen what was coming. Any moron with a degree can plainly see the system the US banks were using was built to fail from the get go. I mean really, lending money to any one, with out checking ability's, giving a low interest rate for the first year then like whacking them in the head with a baseball bat, hit the borrower with a horrendous interest rate that will cause them to not be able to ever pay off the debt.

  That's not all the indicators there were, there's the US stock market, a system with no regulation other than self governing which is literally putting the fox to guard the chickens.Then to top it all off, they selfdestruct themselves in public like a extremist blowing himself up in a crowd. People like Konrad Black, Bernie Madoff, and dozens of other's that sent the already teetering system crashing down bringing all of America and the the world with it. Watching Konrad Black in the media a couple of years ago I knew then that it was the beginning of the end. All I remember is the smirk on his face, did he ever get any jail time?

   A professional economist should be able to look at the FACTS to come up with a idea of what is going to happen in the future and take evasive actions or at least be able to see what the future holds & for how long.

To me it's common sense, looking at the INDICATORS;

-commodity prices manipulated to drive up government & corporate profits, only to come crashing down,
-stockmarket crashing because of corruption and no regulations eroding confidence,
- housing markets crashing because of no regulation of banks or proper screening of applicants. (US)
-Canada housing markets fueled by low interest rates and media deneying the recession is balloning the market to a point where people can not afford what they have now, let alone when the interest rates climb, coupled with skyrocketing costs of living is going to have a avalanch effect on average people.

Canada is the only country in the world that actually increased household debt load in the form of credit cards and impulse buying...why???..Because from the very begining government and corporate manipulation has down played the situation givien people a false sense of security, thus keeping the econmay moving along and fueling the houseing market, and in turn profits for banks.

-High commodity prices has every company and government of all levels and all around the world hooked on  big bucks budgets, now the bottom has fallen out and the lower incomes can not support the type of    
spending these organizations have come to depend on.
-Stock market crashing world wide due to loss of confidence in the ability of corporations to sustain profit,  as a result many companies are going bankrupt and having to lay off millions of workers,
-bad lending practices has ignited a rash of foreclosures after interest rates caught up with lender's and   
borrowers alike.
-the ballooning of realestate prices over the past five years had artificially ballooned equity in peoples homes  allowing them to take massive loans for any reason with out considering the long term pit falls.

Canada's role: "Duh recession....what's that" says rope-a-dope government and people in power, Provincially it's a joke, Liberal leader Gordon Campbell couldn't predict his next bowl movement much less the next year. We hear him and his overpaid flunkies playing the guessing game, "duh, later on  this year things will be back to normal" we heard two months ago. Now it's, "duh in two years the world will be back to normal".

  Ask your MLA what indicators are they using, what are they basing their remarks on?

Lets look at the indicators I mentioned above, we have a US dollar that is about to go completely bankrupt.
Let's face it, the United States can not pull trillion and trillions out of thin air, so what is going to happened?
Answer; interest rates are going to go through the roof when the market finally does stabilize, the only reason interest rates haven't started going up is because the freefall has yet to bottom out, once it does look for interest rates to skyrocket...that's what is affectionately know as a "FACT"

Gordon Campbell has his head up his ass because all one has to do is look at the Bank of Canada to see how they are freaking out over the crises by lowering interest rates to 0.05% to spur economic growth. To a normal person this would be a huge alarm as to what the future will bring for Canadians, what goes down will have to go back up to make investing in Canada worth while.

  Hears the kick in the pants that will cripple Canada; realestate collapse is emanate as for the last five years prices have been manipulated to the moon, sure it was fun while it lasted, but make no mistake prices will come crashing down and when they do, so does the equity that is built up in them. People have been taking loans out on their homes because the banks said it was ok, but now people are stuck with a 3-5 hundred thousand dollar loans, but their homes are only going to be worth 1-2 hundred thousand.

  Then just for good measure, the rising interest rates join forces with the dropping prices fueling a complete melt down. Moronic people in power choose not to look past the end of their noses, insisting that "our banks are immune to what's happening  in the rest of the world". They don't admit that it takes a year for the rope-a-dope effect to reach Canada, perhaps it is on purpose as part of the conspiracy theory that is fast becoming reality.

  So sits our fearless leader's of Canada, like humpty dumpty sitting on a wall....Stephan Harper's men barley put the conservatives back together again...albeit with egg on his face, not moving a muscle while the United States comes crumbling down around us was a daft mistake. In November it was all roses, wining the election, it was dictatorship as's as if he was intentional leading Canada to follow the US, must have had something to do with him, Bush and the Mexican president signing a  secret pack to remove all border's with the "North America Union". It's only because of the Coalition government that threatened to take control forcing Harper to change his course and rethink the budget.

  Think about it, who would be the winner's if the border's were removed, all trading restrictions remove, one currency, assimilating the debts, free range for the US to take our water, mining rights, and forest rights out from under us citizens. (not they haven't already, but on a bigger scale)
  Try to remember the "textbook" goal of a government is to serve the people, looking after their interests because as tax payer, we are suppose to own the land, and the resources with in it. In reality it is the opposite, governments are selling out to corporations, big business essentially selling their soul for power and money.

  Two month ago the Canadian politicians and bankers were painting a pretty picture of the future, then reality struck starting with the big three auto manufactures going into near bankruptcy, forcing government to fork over billions in aid. The money would have been better spent if they'd given the money directly to the citizens, at least the money would have stimulated spending with in the economy.  Lately deficits have been all the rage as if wasting more tax payer's money on government incompetence will propel us past the implosion of the worlds economy, politicians are talking as if in a year it will be just fine, throw a few billion at it and it will go away.

  There has never been an event like this one...the world is quickly going into bankruptcy, In the thirties it was the stock market and banks that crashed, today it's the country's themselves that are going bankrupt bringing the world with it.  Last time there was a world depression it took a world war to get us out, what await's our future, only time will tell.

   Some one who lived in Italy during the 30's once told me the secret to Mussolini's, (Italian dictator wannabe) rise to fame.  During the stockmarket crash and banks going under starting the great depression of the 30's, all the worlds banks were going under, all except one country....Italy's....or would it seem. Turns out Mussolini convinced the world that Italy's banks were rock solid, but it was a lie, Italy's problems were just like the rest of the worlds with economy going in the dumpster, but by pretending that things were stable all the other country's put their money in the Italians banks. That's why Hitler buddied up with Mussolini, this story makes me think of today's situation...are the Canadian banks better off, or is it a big smoke screen?...time will tell 

  Has any one else noticed the US  trying to manipulate the investors away from Canadian TSX by removing stockreports on indexes from public media, I use to watch the stock rise and falls on my aol homepage, compare the worlds indexes to ours and effects of global events shaping the markets. One day about a year ago the TSX was wiped from US media like it never existed.
  It seems the US is trying to keep investors from jumping markets as the Canadian market is much more stable as well as our banks are more solid. You see the effects in our markets,  however it shocks me that our markets often dropped  more than the US's, even while the worst was hitting the their markets...housing collapse, Madof madness, auto bail out and hurricanes wiping out cities all at the same time, our markets dropped more than theirs...what's up with that?
  If the stock market crash and banks going bankrupt don't sink us Canadians, the moronic politicians will. As a citizen it's sickening to watch the constant bickering and name calling politicians resort to instead of taking care of the peoples business, this leads to a lack of confidence of foreign investors because of the antics of Canadian politicians constantly bickering like school girls. They never seem to focus on running the country, rather flinging accusations and spending precious time and resources on personal agendas like "the gun registry" with out accountability to the people of Canada.

   A total collapse of the US system is more likely imminent then not, some predict months, other's like myself predict a few years, our economy is hooked to tight not to follow .  Conspiracy has become reality, evidence is there for all to see. All that is needed for evil and ignorance to succeed, is for good people to do nothing.

     Obama and Harper are already talking about re-negotiating the NAFTA agreement...North American Union is going to be the result when the markets and US dollar bottom out, drastic measures are going to be called by banks and politicians alike. As a result the North American Union is going to be drawn up to rebuild the economy and get the world out of the depression using massive infrastructure spending on super highway north to south and the drain of Canadian resources and freedom of individual citizens.

This will become known as the "beginning of the end",

All thanks to the convenient collapse of world economies.


quote from a person in the loops who knows how the US market is being manipulated:

   "Bond yields opened much higher today as did all commodities except natural gas. Man somebody with some major bucks in their wallet is flip flopping and making a bundle. We gotta shut Wall Street down in order to force capital investment back in to the economy. Everybody is reporting huge profits, but as we track back a few months up to today we see the pattern. Jump from stocks to commodities then commodities to bonds then back to stocks. This is the best insider strategy I've seen in a while. It only works if you have a very fat wallet though. There aren't enough small timers who can afford to gamble like this giving the big boys some competition. Small timer's just haven't the confidence."


  Cost of living in the past ten years has grown out of reach for a large number of people, it's no mistake costs of fuel reaching $1.50 a liter, and the cost of housing has reached an average of $350 000. Our governments play into a game of price fixing on many levels allowing corporations and banks to manipulate the society's of the world. Millions of people starving and homeless in the world due to price of food and housing, even this very minute the price per barrel of oil has reached a ten year low yet the price at the pump reflects the opposite because of a cut in production by the people in power.

  Every single thing in every single store has it's price effected by cost of fuel. Corporations trick governments into ballooning the price of fuel, getting them hooked on high incomes generation, budgets now are hooked to needing the large amounts of money generated like a crackhead is addicted to the taste of crackcocaine..... ....they'd sell their own mother for a taste like a politician would do and say any thing for power.

  Governments profit from the misery, says and does nothing to quell the ignorance, the cycle of destruction endorsed and sold to taxpayer's as "normal". It was no mistake that the previous five years to 2008 were among the best ever seen, this is part of the cycle, get em hooked on high incomes and riddled with debt only to pull the carpet out from under their feet. It's part of any dealer's design...first you get em hooked on a taste , then you bleed their pockets dry. First they had to riddle the most powerful country in the world with debt up to their eye balls, a plan that has been in action for some 100 years since a private banking institution was developed to print and loan money the the US government and most other counties of the world. Money is loaned out...and when money is loaned out there is debt associated with it, thus the cycle begins. The last five years is part of a ten year catalyst to create world dominance. the next five years is where the world collapses in on it's self, eventually every country will be begging for a way out.

  It's hard to imagine, but it is part of a plan to bring NorthAmerica under one rule, eliminate boarders, take our  resources, control and tax the masses, the plan is to ultimately control every facit of society and eliminate the middle class of society.

  Already passports, credit cards, and cell phones have tracking devises in them and soon even money too, control is also why fossil fuels are still being flogged on society as the only source of energy.


  Developing alterative's to the paths the current governments would lead us down is a possibility, the technology exists to lower the cost of living thus lightening the burden to individuals . Eliminating the costs of energy of every day life is the key, cutting costs equals to cutting time needed away from family, allowing a single parent work environment at all times is also key in raising a balance child to benefit society. It also serves to lighten the burden of public policing, courts, jails and many other social drains on societies.

  As Canadians we live in an abundance of land and resources to build industry based on manual labor, manufacturing goods locally instead of shipping raw materials afar only to import finished goods from another country.

  Cheep housing needs to be made available with the eradication of government interference of right to enough raw resource to build a living fact this law still stands in the books today. It's only the assumption and enforcement of "free trade" that we are with held from our own resources. Imagine having practically no mortgage payment, this would also reduce the price of housing directly.

  lease land in rural area' s available to eradicate homelessness through distribution of crown land for periods of time to help one establish continuity of life with out stress. This is based on preset goals of minimum out put goals in order to maintain ownership and make sure it's productive and not just a squatter's life but a life of goals, and accomplishments.

  A cap on the price of property with in large urban areas will curb inflation from price manipulation. 

   Personal Income tax is against the law, as "Natural persons" we are not required to pay income taxes,people earning less than $80 000 will not be required to pay income tax. Generation of income is to shifted to the wealthy, corporate and business as well as through goods ands services  according to their necessity in life and cost to the environment. Governments are going to have to get use to less through waste management, down sizing and independent out side performance audits. 

And hey!...if you want a good stock tip, invest in solar, wind, magnetic and any other form of clean free energy.....That's the future folks ;)

Distancing ourselves from the banks:

Borrowing money from private banks costs 10X’s more the principle amount borrowed; Canada’s debt from 1867-1992 debt was 423 billion, though out of that, 91% (386 billion) of it is compounded interest. Only 8% 37 billion of that original 423 billion actually go put towards infrastructure like roads, hospitals, and schools. That’s the devil hiding in the details of compound interest simply because we borrowed from private banks.

The IMF, (International Monetary Fund) has a lot to do with this, like a chess game, countries are mere pawns on the world stage, controlling and manipulating countries has got to end, we the people own Canada, and its resources, as a result it is perfectly legal for the Bank of Canada to loan money to its own people, setting its own rates of practically zero interest to loan to government for infrastructure like roads and schools.

There is 50 billion dollars cash floating in circulation in Canada, but the private banks only have 4 billion in their vaults or what they call reserves, though Banks have loaned out 1.5 trillion of which they then charge interests on. This money is just pulled out of thin air, literally, this is why Canada is no better off than any other country, IMF has a strangle hold on the worlds banks which in turn have a strangle hold on our resources and inturn influence the cost of living for each of us.

Legally its textbook fraud, if you or I tried to print money on our scanners, we go to jail. Politicians make the law, thus controlling the law, indeed passing the laws allowing private banks to issue money with out having a statutory reserve, or money to pay out debts, such as a gold reserve. What gold banks keep around now is pure investment as the price of gold is skyrocketing  into super high level as every one losses faith in paper money as it truly is worthless.

    It is frustrating to say the least when banks are making record revenues and the Federal government gives them billions to insure the banks will lend us our own money. The banking system in Canada, like the rest of the world's, has gotten far to greedy and unaccountable when it comes to stability and consistency.
   Again it's frustrating, because not only have the banks in Canada have free range to charge enormous service charges to their customers, but they also benefit from us putting our money in their banks so they can lend it back to us at high interest rates. Banks are only required to retain 10% on deposits, so they lend out 90% of a deposit at an interest.

  so out of $100 Little Johnny puts in his savings account, the bank only keeps $10 as security, the $90 gets loaned out to Johnny's dad to keep a roof over Johnny's head.

Our government has put on this huge costly advertising blitz to try and keep Canadians calm by saying,"don't worry, your money is insured at all times....but what they don't tell you is only up to one hundred thousand, anything over one hundred thousand is fair game and could be lost at anytime if world markets continue to collapse. Rope-a-dope government got slapped up long side the head before they even admitted there was a recession happening, the banks are not much better off, they only put on the game face that their system is working, in actuality the Canadian banks are on the verge of disaster just like all the rest....time will tell as our system is about a year behind the US.

  A system of change is to be made available, more mainstream contracts of businesses, essentially a business with in a business. Creating a partnership with customer's to purchase goods using in house financing tactics. Instead of having to go to a bank to get a loan businesses will be encouraged to finance the goods or service themselves, thus the business collects the interest instead of the banks.  It has been done as "rent to own" for houses, but not that common, this type of transaction would benefit both the seller as well as the purchaser by keeping the money out of foreign corporate pockets and cycling it with in the local community.

  For instance, a home buyer would buy a home for $100 000, a contract would be made in which the home would be paid for over 30 years, payments of $600 a month with $400 going towards interest, and $200 going towards the principle for the first 10 years then the amount going towards principle increases to equal total payment with in 30 years directly to the person who is selling the house instead of a bank.

Nationalize the Forest Industry in BC:

  The past five years BC and the world has experienced an economic explosion never before seen, commodity prices soared to all time highs, BC government raked in billions of dollars from all resources, however the forestry industry in BC shrunk like a man's dick during a polar bear swim.

  Hear is BC, the only province in the world with tree's as far as the eye can see, you can't throw a rock with out hitting a tree, British Columbians should be able to buy a 2X4 or sheet of plywood at a reasonable price. Instead because of free trade our politicians sold us down the road to the fact you can go down to ANY Western state in the US and buy, "made in BC" wood far cheaper then we as British Columbian's can buy in our own DAM PROVINCE!.
I say dammed because our rope-a-dope government has led us down a path of damnation for years

  Today's BC Liberals have done nothing to find new markets abroad, done nothing to bail mills out to keep people working, done nothing to ensure all mills are clean, not smoking out and poisoning communities, 

   Many of the mills in BC are foreign owned so the profit is the only thing that mater's, peoples well being is put aside, the environment is put aside. Clear cutting vast regions of forest only to pick the choicest cuts, leaving the rest to be burnt in thousands of slash piles spewing a cocktail of chemicals that is a health risk to all living thing's in it's path.

   By Nationalizing the forest industry thousands of people would be put to work in stable well paying jobs. BC government would form a crown corporation to purchase or take over bankrupt mills in BC.

  Employee's would be given profit share and efficiency bonuses and employed regardless of economic driver's. Wood would be stock piled when markets are not good, poor economy  would be offset by large profits during a boom economy. The result would be much more control and stability of resources regardless of economy fluctuations.

   The environmental benefit would be instantaneous as today's mills in BC are among the worst polluters in the world when compared to current technology available and in use among first world country's. Whole communities are put in harms way with smoke and particulates 24/7/365 in BC, one in five children are born with asthma...the government is waiting till one in ten children is born with learning disabilities, like in the States....imagine that, our children are being born with health complications, one every day in BC. 70 000 people in BC have Alzheimer's, people as young as 40 are now getting Alzheimer, the number's continue to climb out of  control. All sorts of laws for cigarettes, some cities banning them all together, yet look at the horizon and see the thick blue smoke spewing poisonous chemicals from government slash burning.

  This is because it costs money for contractors to do something constructive with the mounds of perfectly good wood, instead they wait till it's good and wet, then trying to light it till it smolder's, filling whole valleys with smoke simply to keep prices high forcing citizens to pay loan shark prices for their own resources.

  It costs private mills millions to have clean emissions, there are no laws other than a $500 fine for corporate air pollution, Ministry of environment is responsible for enforcement but they seem to turn a blind eye in all the smoke.

  There's a $170 fine if you or I get caught with out a seat belt, and our government is thinking of increasing that, yet how dare they consider forcing a foreign mill to clean up it's act., in fact Terry Lake as Mayor gave U.S. owned Weyerhaeuser a tax break and extended the time limit to lower emissions at it's Kamloops mills. You or I get three tickets it cost us our driver's licence, which costs us our job, which costs us our family, which costs us our sense of selfworth... ...congratulations, we've been "punked" by our government! When I asked MLA Terry Lake as then mayor of Kamloops to consider an "airshed" plan, he stuck his nose up at the idea and stated" you can't control the direction of the air, and I take offence of the Province passing responsibility to municipal." He failed to understand its not the direction of the air we need to consider, but what goes into the air to begin with, shocking for some one who calls himself a doctor.

  By having the mills owned and ran by provincial power's, all mills would be low emission, with no expense spared on ensuring our environment is clean unlike private mills that do everything possible to cut costs and if the Ministry of Environment does nothing or has no power like we see today, mills ignore emission laws, some have a choice but would rather save a buck , but there are other's who can't afford to thanks to American crying "subsidizing".

   Another benefit would be to reduce the wood waste to as close to zero as possible, the way to do this is to have pellet manufacturing at every mill as well as bio-energy power generators to supply electricity. The technology has existed for years for portable smaller scale aswell as larger stationary plants of both description. Europe is buying all the pellets it can to offset coal pollution and improve environmental conditions.

  With in wood there is energy, know known today as "Bio-Energy" , bio-energy is good for the environment compared to fossil fuels. Bio-energy has 350X's less methane gas and 7X's less CO2, so with the world trying to go green wood is gold. Europe can't get enough as they switch coal fired power plants to wood fired, residential has also embraced personal heaters,  demand has never been so high.
  However hear in BC, politicians far and wide have been trying get rid of Bio-Energy (wood)  all together for years so they can rake in billions in royalties from fossil fuels. In fact many communities like Nelson and Squamish have banned wood all together, still other communities like Kamloops have banned boiler's that are fueled by zero emission pellet power rather than harmful natural gas. But that's what you get when the people in power haven't worked a honest day in their life, no experience on the front lines, instead they have their head planted so far up their ass, they get indigestion.