Injustice long enough!
  Justice is truly blind, government void of a conscious....listening to Wally Opal or who ever their lap dog is now reassure us citizens that the justice system is doing a good job is like listening to Jim and Tammy Faye Baker asking money for the lord....Convincing as hell, but far from the truth.

    The truth is revealed through the facts;

  For example...little Johnny always seems to not show up to school on days when there are tests.
                            Johnny may give the excuse that he is sick, however if it always happens on days when
                            there are test, the truth is revealed that he is lying because it always happens on test days.

  In Reality; If crime is happening In today's society from repeat offender's then truth is revealed that the 
                      system is not working....

                      If drug dealer's continue to deal and live off crime then again the truth reveals that the
                      sentence is not adequate to deter repeat offenders....
                    IF RCMP repeatedly kill innocent citizens with tazer's or assault citizens over and over with out
                    stiff reprimand or change in policy then the truth is revealed that superintendents or "TopCops"
                    with their policies are not doing their jobs....THE TRUTH IS REVEALED!!

Time and time again the truth is revealed yet, little is done about it by our government. "normal they say"

Repeat offenders with rap sheets arms length long; who's the next victim?

Reevaluating the situation using reality as a gage will generate results.

    The criminal system as a whole needs an awakening....MILITARY style Jail...yes sir no sir,  up at the crack of dawn, work their asses off, no more country club.

Tough love is a necessity to straighten many of these people up....their family's didn't do it....their up bring didn't do it, often it probably created their problems.....people need to be taught the values that are lacking in their vocabulary.

  One of societies biggest problems is drugs, especially in the last couple decades the types of drugs have changed to destructive death traps for millions. In the early years it was Pot, and Hash, maybe a little  shrooms once in while. Today's drugs of crystalmeth and speed made with drain remover and rat poisoning burns the brain permanently, Crack cocaine and the like have people addicted on first use, ruining whole families PERMANTLY!

Prescription drugs is just as big a problem as they are over prescribed only to be sold on the street.  Legal drugs that are so destructive it eats a person from the inside out leaving a shriveled skin skeleton remaining.

It's pathetic people in power grouping all drugs into one category making the wars on drugs irrelevant. Coming from some one who has grown up on the streets, I know all to well what goes down on the street, and have seen first hand the results of each drug on society.

   How can they treat pot with the same laws as crystalmeth and expect to have a law harsh enough to deter crystalmeth dealer's and manufactures. Pot has been around for thousands of years and has many benefits, how many benefits does crystalmeth have???

THE TRUTH IS REVEALED: 60 000 people die from illegal drug use in Canada each year.....60 000 people die from prescription drug use and alcohol in Canada each year.....ZERO DIE FROM POT USE EVERY YEAR!

  A lot has to do with this fascination with the US, unfortunately assimilation has also brung it's dirty laundry, look at all the gangs and gun play lately. White trash pretending to be rapper's and biker's in a world of wanna be's. Today's politician are afraid to think for them selves, so let's just do what ever the US does and says, after all there is a secret pact in motion among Canada, US and Mexico to form one country with out us knowing about it....I shit you not.

Life is hard, there's no denying it, people who want to take the easy way out through drugs and crime have no right to, especially when it's at the expense of other's, costing us billions each year.

  People now say we should negotiate with the taliban in Afghanistan..."it's costing to many lives....we'll do any thing to stop the death of our hell with women and children's rights in a far off land we never see, let's negotiate with Taliban".
Right hear in Canada, there is an enemy that kills thousands....drugs, rule society, ruining lives by the bushel.

  Lets negotiate are values and benefits of negotiating with criminal organizations to reduce crime. Let's face it, they are in it to profit, lets allow certain drugs, legalize cocaine, and heroin, and pot....allow certain organizations to open up stores, tax the living hell out of it to offset the costs to society.
  AS a person who has seen and had some friends go down the drain I know there are certain people that can not be stopped, by legalizing and providing a place for such people that can't be stopped will allow control of the situation. Right now there is no control what so ever, just look at the news on any day. Take the flawed humanity trait of; "if you tell some one they can't have it or do it, it drives people to want to do it even more out of curiosity." Remember curiosity killed the cat, indeed it is killing society.

For selfevidence look to Europe where light drugs are legalized, responsible drinking is taught at a young age, the crime rates and social impacts are huge, yet because we are hooked at the hip to the United States, our governments continue to lead us down a vague path that is proving to selfdestructive. Again self evident in the people each of know who has fallen victim to heavy drug use.

Don't allow the destructive drugs such as crystalmeth, and other chemical based drugs.
By incorporating long time criminal organizations it would allow them to police and deal with any out sider who would over step protocol.

  Think of the taxpayer's resources spent on "trying" to police the Hells Angels, billions each year not to mention the man power, if all of a sudden peace was negotiated. You think H.A guys are criminals...Konrad Black and Madof do more damage then any criminal organization yet people don't consider them a threat.

  Allowing control of legal retail out lets to sell safe, not altered drugs, drugs that have been a part of society for thousands of years. Allowing controlled brothels, (the oldest profession on earth) with regulated and taxed in a safe environment controlled and allowing profit by certain organizations will save tax payer's billions each year and reduce crime by 75%. It will also most likely reduce the number of drug user's, as it's been proven in Europe, allowing people access takes away the attractiveness aswell as openly educates.

  manufacture's of chemical destructive drugs must be dealt with severity to deter such drugs existence.

  Speaking of destructive drugs, several hundred people are admitted to hospital each year for caffeine over dose, increasingly more so now with energy drinks being allowed with out regulation and serious warning, many people have even died from over dosing on drink. Aspirin also has several hundred admissions to hospitals, even sugar.
But one thing that has no cases of admitted over doses any where on the planet is marijuana, it is impossible to over dose, and in fact the US government has waged such a robust war against pot because it caused people to be passive, and loving, the military couldn't have pot creating peace loving soldiers, so they banned it, which was exactly the opposite of what the movie "Reefer Madness" propaganda was about, the reports form government was that it created hysteria, and uncontrollable craziness.

Another fun fact is that one Acre of hemp grown is equivalent to four Acre of trees in productivity, the uses for hemp in commercial products numbers in the hundreds, maybe even thousands, and is often superior to what we have today, like the paper for instance, since the world quite using hemp paper, the books have been rotting in the Library's.

Henry Ford designed and built a car made from hemp that was 3 times stronger and didn't rust out of hemp fiberglass, his intension's was he could grow his own cars right hear in his back yard, as indeed at that time he owned thousands of hemp fields.

Until the early 1900's it was actually law that hemp had to be grown in the United States, until the cotton, steal manufactures, mining industrialist and newly discovered crude oil czars manipulated the government, placing key people in government to lobby for the prohibition of hemp.

There are also many more commercial uses for marijuana such as clothing, paper, even fuel, and food are possible.

Tax bases for governments needs to shift from dependence on fossil fuel income to development of new taxable goods and services that are not necessities of life. 

The secret to cutting costs with in the system while making billions in taxes is to legalize marijuana. By allowing any person over 19 to grow their own will instantly reduce the profitability to zero, thus eliminating the criminal aspect of it....effectively removing the silver bullet of BC criminals.

Policing and court costs would cease to exist, billions saved each year, diverted to real criminals, even taxed to generate income for social programs and educational programs.