Kingdom of Consciousness
                         ~Citizen Solidarity Creed~

                Be with out fear in the face of your enemies,

                Be brave and upright that God may love thee,

         Speak the truth even if it leads to your demise or death,

                  Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong.

Past & Present:

The world is in turmoil, on all levels, politically, environmentally, and socially. Fear no evil as we walk through the valley of death,  for there is hope, though the world can not will its self, action is need.

Let those who act  have a sense of direction that shall benefit humanity for all:

For all equals one, one nation, one planet, one future.

Let us pool our mind body and soul into a consciousness worthy of humanity,

Natural law is the only law worthy of acknowledgment. humanity must take the position of righteousness above all other positions such as politics and profit.

“Ultimately, A genuine leader is not as such for consensus, but a molder of consensus,

on some positions;              Cowards ask the question: Is it safe?
                                            Expediency asks the question: Is it politics?
                                         Vanity asks the question : is it popular?
                                      Conscious asks the question: is it right?

There comes a time when one must take the position that is neither safe, nor for politics, nor for popularity, but because it is right! " MLK(Martin Luther King Jr)

TODAYS SOCIETY IS MANIPULATED,a direct result of all levels of government, corporations, and bureaucrats taking the position that is not right, but is a position of profit and personal gain to serve their needs best.

                                      Proof wisdom is not limited to elders, simple commonsense,
                                                through her innocence, she speaks volumes, as innocence
                                                is natural law in its truest form. Her words ring as true today
                                                as it was when this speech was given 30 years ago, perhaps
                                                even more so as the world grows more ignorant by the day.
  Children are born with Natural Law as instinct, in fact all life forms are born with their own set of  Natural Law rules that it requires to survive in the natural world. Animals like the Alligator have survived millions of years with in its own set of Natural Law rules, though since man arrived only a few thousand years, he has destroyed or effected every life form on the face of the planet, including ourselves in our ignorance, going against Natural Law, twisting and manipulating the people and raping the land in the name of capitalism and greed.

  Manipulation and regulation  through political and corporation control has twisted society to a point of what we have today,  realize there was no such thing as inflation until the 1800's when the central bank was invented...banks invented interest and with it they also invented inflation, and in turn invited capitalism to be the back bone of society we have today. People manipulated into thinking that with out corporations the world would be doomed, when if fact it is corporate greed manipulating politicians what fails humanity and shall lead us to our doom unless each of us becomes conscious of this. Realize its the harnessing of individuals with debt and high cost of living that requires people to have to work so much in the first place.

  Destruction of natural living through political and corporate control for profit and positive number generations is self evident in things like the fish farms off the coast of BC that are only there to make a buck for corporations while ignoring the fact that they are infesting the wild salmon, against the advice of scientists yet with the blessing of current politicians. As a result, wild salmon are dieing off, and as a result of that, whales are starving to death along with the balance of nature is being set out of balance.

  More self evidence can be found in the high costs of utilities we use in our daily lives, electricity and gas costs are continually rising ever since they have been going the rout of privatization.  Becoming self aware, (conscious) of reality by using the past and present to navigate the future.

As it stands now, governments and corporations control us with taxes, fines, laws, and ever increasing debt loads, to survive both parents need to work, as a result there is no natural family structure left, no parents to spend time with family. Children then end up being raised and influenced by media such as tv, music, fashions, and video games, projecting sex, violence, drugs as normal and natural, when in fact it couldn't be more unnatural. Selfevident is the fact that most marriages end in divorce, and violence among youths is out of control.

  Family structure has to be the basis of living again, indeed many of the answers lie in a Renaissance of family structure, going  back to embracing natural family values, time together is perhaps the most precious commodity stolen from us.

Natural law is something that has govern the earth for millions of years, all living things under one law created balance and harmony. Learn from the last 1000 years of information and actions of man, adapt the good and learn from the bad.

  The world will evolve out of necessity, for the environment is out of balance, the future generation's hand is forced, truly it's greatness is the only hope, as it is the generations of old who feed on daily bread of ignorance and greed who's ways need to be is the law of nature.

  Natural Law as a rule is simplicity, in fact natural law can be defined as KISS or "keep it simple stupid". Though today's society is the opposite as laws and rules are so twisted that people need to pay a lawyer large sums of money to get anything done because the laws are to complicated and regulated for common people to understand. Ministry pollutes the environment under the vale of law, as they control the science and if there is no science to prove them wrong, then no natural person can win in a court room to stop the pollution.

  Law of nature starts from the bottom and works its way up, unlike today's society which works from the top down. Natural law recognizes the top can not exist with out the bottom.
Natural law is just that, natural, its what kept the world healthy and vigorous for billions of years. Innocence is born with in the young, defining nature law, when a child is born, its mind is unmolested with the rules and regulations of its parents, it knows only instinct, or natural law. Governments struggle with problems such as what causes the dramatic increase in sicknesses, birth defects, and problems to which the answer is simply corporate capitalism engraved into every nation and brain washed into every person, conflict of one sort or another. From a very young age, games challenging each other, toys imitating war, toy guns, video games, movies, TV exposed to blood and killing, drugs and despair, preparing them to become part of the capitalistic system.

Though there is some process that a person goes through that awakens the natural Law with in him/her, awakens the innocence, either experiencing suffering or a loss, like a hot poker to the touch awakens the senses, or like a wild animal backed into a corner. More and more people are being backed into corners, there is nothing like a dose of reality to wake someone up.

One of the keys of success in this journey in working towards an enlightened style of living closer in harmony with in the laws of nature. The key will be to learn from those wise men from the past that have contributed, let their suffering be not in vain, but lead us in victory of Tyranny.

Though it is important not to mindlessly follow any one idea, but to constantly learn and adapt that which serves the needs and idea's of humanity, building a hybrid of all great men's idea's, including past and present. Recognizing that it will be a slow a bitter process, not easily undone is the actions of corporations and capitalism which has been draped in a vale of Democracy to attain Oligarchy. That's what society has manifested into today, a small group who rule the majority.

Its important not only to educate people but to come up with avenues of action, recognizing each of us have different talents, organizing in our communities, prepare for the worst....just in case it happens, if it doesn't happen, great! if it does your alive, though if we don't prepare ourselves we are dead for sure. 

STEP 1: Recognize the problems

STEP 2: Prepare for the worst

STEP 3: Work towards a natural healthy free world.

"Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment nothing can fail. Without it nothing can succeed. He who molds opinion is greater than he who enacts laws." Abraham Lincoln

Lysander Spooner was a great man from the past who tried to lead society from temptation of corporate greed, Not allowing his mind to be manipulated by the forceful flow of society, instead thinking for himself and indeed all man kind, he drew to the conclusion that society can exist with minimal government, and with out its complex laws and regulations using Natural Law.

  Its important to understand where we are and where we have come from to know where we want to go in the future, learning from the bad examples is just as important, as learning from the good people from our past and present.

Truth is revealed; Democracy is only but a mechanism used by the powerful to shift control to Oligarchy, thus we as a society need to shift away from democracy, instead work towards a world Republic hybrid form of governing, not to much government, yet just enough to maintain every level of government and indeed throughout the world, shifting power and control from the few elite to the people, there is no sense in extreme left or right governments. 

Truth reveals; Anarchy is also a tool in which most often is used against the people to achieve control.
In our actions of protest and political movement we must also recognize anarchist's are most often "Planters", government agents who are trying to intentionally create physical confrontation in order to give government reason to take physical action such as arrests and imprisonment.

It is important to recognize there are powers at be that pit one against the other to create instability and conflict, a classic power ploy, is to create a problem then follow it up with a solution, usually with more control through new laws or taxes.

We as individuals need to be active on every level. Start locally being proactive in community issues, then get proactive and conscious of Provincial, progressing into Federal issues, then familiarize yourself with continental issues, and indeed finally branching out to the world issues, on all levels; politically, environmentally and spiritually. Its a big job, but make no mistake we can not sit idle on any level, they are all connected.

I am proud to be a Canadian for the simple fact that I think of Canada as being like heaven on earth; all creeds and races living in peace, a true melting pot of humanity. For this reason Canada is the greatest nation on earth, not judge by size of its population, or size of its military, or even the size of its territory...but because of the ability of any  race or religion of people to live in peace, and because of the way Canadian people are willing to give, help, leading the world by example.


Recognizing a problem is the first step in dealing with the problem, religion is not the problem, rather those who use religion as a weapon/tool are the problem. Recognize no mater what it is, when ever there is a successful or positive movement,  there are those that move to confuse and control/hijack the grassroots movements for use as a weapon/tool. Religion is no different, from the very beginning of religion, there have been those who have use and manipulated God's words for their own needs. Indeed every major religion has/is being hijacked (manipulated) by "those" who wish to use it against the people, to control the people and the way "they" want people to think/act.

Instead of blaming those that are responsible, "they" shift the blame to God, as a result many abandon God, just as "they" wanted, people find it all to convenient not have anything to do with religion, no time wasted on church and praying, nothing to make us question our actions and choices, so indeed many find it all to convenient not to practice any form of religion. Instead "they want us to worship material items that "they" control, profit. Indeed it is disturbing in today's world how the majority of people easily worship movie and sports stars, or music and fashion with out a second thought, indeed corporate worship is greater than God these days.

I also understand people are fed up with the religious manipulations and scandals, and the much pain and suffering brought on from religious groups who seek to use religion as a weapon or a tool, and as a result many people have turned their back on religion. Though it is not necessary to have a religion to be part of the movement,  though I feel it necessary to discuss this topic because of its relevancy, history and of its power potential. The new millennia seems to be an age of atheists, indeed its hip to be square as they fall over themselves to jump on the band wagon of Atheism, though beware it is intentional as the devil is in the details of war and politics, corporations want you to worship them instead, governments want you to leave God behind, because religion asks us to question of right and wrong. But government and the corporations that manipulate them don't want us questioning what is right and wrong, the only concern is profit at any and all costs.

"Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes.
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities,
against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. "
(Ephesians 6:11-12)

Though religion is usually not a factor in government issues on our continent of North America as there has been a movement to distance religion from politics, though around the world it is a major issue. Religion has been separated from politics as to make politics have no morals at all, schools have also been distanced from religion as has the family been broken up, its no wonder the state of society with no moral gauge, family values, or common sense practiced as it is replaced with corporate control and materialism.

Religion also has been a favorite tool used to control and cause conflict with nations since its inception....make no mistake of following the trend of others loosing faith, there is a God. Though consider that there are great distances that isolates each country, each one speaking its own language, why would each be calling God by the same name or ways of worshipping?

In today's society of extremities people are leaving religion behind, fed up with internal problems, allowing individual circumstances to pass judgement, news of abuse and a history rich with criticism, people use these to jump to an easy way out, losing faith in the system, but don't loose faith in God.

There are no atheists in a fox hole ;)

Recognize that all "true" religions have the same message of  love, willingness, righteousness, freedom, giving, respect, and balance of life are true to God , for God judges us all, not as a group or society but as individuals, and how we as individuals conduct our actions and feeling towards others and the earth. Even self proclaimed atheists who are lost and confused stand before the one true judge, the saying; "there are no atheists in a fox hole" rings true in death aswell, there are no atheists in death, one may choose to turn their back and go it alone, that is the gift of free will, but the final judgment day still comes.  Those who are in the news for abuse  will also be judged, for all those who are evil in thoughts and actions will be judged, it is not our job to do so.

Though as long as one is respectful, giving, and lead a fair life, following the meaning of life,  defined as; to live to better others along with ourselves, give of ones self, while enjoying life ourselves, responsibly living in balance and harmony with our environment....

"For what man is a man who does not try to make the world better"

Recognizing it only takes a few minorities with ill intent to project hostility towards each other, one group or country pitted towards another through the arguments of bureaucrats.

TRUTH IS REVEALED: Take any group of people, put them in a room with each other, and they leave friends, the average citizens do not hate each other or another group, Powerful entities have done many studies to reveal ways of brain washing the average person, in their studies they have revealed the basic instincts in man. one of those gene's is an instinctual gene, the same that causes wild dogs to run in packs. Corporations for profit and governments for control, have dialed in those instincts through manipulation of media, TV, movies, music, sports, toys, games, drugs, alcohol, religion and many other ways of creating conflict, control and hate among the masses

LOVE WILL LIFT YOU UP: Truth is revealed through the actions of loving, acts of charity and forgiving,  also in the millions of interracial and inter religious relation ships, love knows no bounds...."Love is stronger than even death" Jesus Christ
For religion can be defined as; "having faith" indeed no government politician, or priest is to be taken on faith .... only God himself is to be taken on faith, indeed that is the point of any religion.
All others are are to prove themselves through their actions, in the end that is how we are judged, by our actions.


Religion was never meant to be defined, all religion really ever was meant to be, was to teach us how to live our lives in harmony, with God, mother earth, and each other. No more, no less. Indeed Jesus Christ is meant to be emulated, after all he was a man of flesh, live as he lived.
As we go through life, choose the path that Jesus would have chosen. Most people forget what religion is, making the mistake to practice religion only on the most wholly days of their religion, when in fact, religion is some thing to be embraced every minute of every day.

Much of the problem comes from people who try to define religion and the bibles words, problems arise when words have some many meaning that they can be taken out of context.
Its almost comical if they didn't cause so much turmoil in turn as scholars, priests, and hierarchy try to define what God is, what they perceive as how to act and how to live. Its like a reality TV show, each religion is like a team pitted against each other to be the first to put the puzzle of religion together in order to win the crown of "TRUE RELIGION", a prize that doesn't exist, for all religion has the potential to be both true and false, depending on the individuals actions. Billions of dollars, and thousands of man hours wasted trying to find answers to question we have no business; "what is the meaning of life? who's religion is the true religion? how to pray to God?

The sickening part is the the actions of groups such as the extremists Muslims false jihad, convince poor unsuspecting uneducated peasants that they will receive 30 virgin women and a life of paradise if only they blow themselves up for a specific cause...or the children that are constantly bombarded with hate and lies to create weapons of hate from innocence, those are the true sins that rip the heart out of humanity, how disappointing it must be. Indeed all religions have their extremists that insist on going astray, twisting and manipulating words to the vulnerable open minds. People are easily lead astray and taken advantage of when they are hungry, or under duress, media often falsely reports of one religious group battling another, but the truth is its people who are hungry, or homeless who are easily whipped into a frenzy. 

The answers to life's questions are not known by any one man, not in textbooks of the so called educated, or those with all the power and resources, most minds manipulated and programmed don't understand how to read between the lines, instead science try to define and apply calculations to questions, focusing on specifics, rather the answer is in the open staring us in the face, like one of those puzzle pictures where you have to focus less to see the big picture. If one try's to hard or concentrates to much, the answer will not reveal its self...God is much the same, quite trying to answer or define religion...take it on faith...that is what its all about. Innocence knows the meaning of life, it can be found in the unmolested mind of any child aswell as in mother nature, we can learn from them both if we open our minds to the natural flow of life.

I personally practice and relate to Christianity being a westerner, though I choose it on my own terms, for different reasons, and I don't follow blindly, but with an open mind and heart.
One of the reasons for gathering in congregations is, there is power and comfort in numbers. Instead of turning ones back on a religion for what seem to be good reasons, whether it be because of the hypocrisy created by individuals or hierarchy, one must put those reasons aside. There is a need to let those be judged not as representatives but as individuals, and indeed have faith that they will be judged for their actions, Never the less there are very good reasons for congregating in religious groups, indeed  the positive reasons to embrace some form of religion out way the negatives perpetrated by other forces.

NO one religion is any better than another, "there is no better religion, only better people", we are not judged by our religion or group we belong, but by our actions as individuals. Religion involves in the believing of God, though he has different names, as do you and I often do. People of the world, isolated from one another don't speak the same languages, or have the same traditions, why would we expect them to talk to God the same, using the same prayers?

There is a saying: "None of claim....All have claim!"

I related the reasoning of religious gathering when I heard the legend of the Egyptian Pharaoh, said to be proved and known to be true, that states:

In the early years of Christianity, Egypt was ruler of the lands, they conquered lands far and wide, putting to death the majority of what was considered heathens, cleansing much the same Hitler later did during WWII, killing the populations only to horde their wealth and crops for themselves, extending Egypt's' borders, taking only a few slaves for building the great pyramids.

When they conquered the still young but growing congregation of Christians, the Egyptian Pharaoh of the time, was intrigued by this new religion, he had heard the Legends of Moses and the like and was baffled how these people put so much faith in their God...Typical of royalty, the Pharaoh turned it into a gambling game for his amusement. Being some what of a smart ass, with a smirk and never expecting the challenge to be met, the Pharaoh proclaimed that if the Christian's God was as powerful as claimed by the Christians, he proposed a challenge; if their God could move that mountain, as he pointed to a mountain on the horizon, the Pharaoh would take the unheard of step, and set free all Christians, including  having the Pharaoh's seal of freedom in his lands to dwell for ever. Failure to move the mountain, and each and ever Christian would be exterminated to which the Pharaoh was certain, so the he gave them a week to move the mountain, 

This was in the time just before the dark ages, all the lands were in conflict and turmoil, Christianity had not established its self as being one of resources or enough majority to call a territory its own. At this point Christianity was still in its infancy, and was widely proclaimed as false, hated by all the other religions and factions in the land, as a result all places of refuge were hostile, indeed Christians had a bounty on their heads every where they went, as a result there was no where else to escape, Christianity was close to being exterminated. Obviously fearing for their extermination the Christians devoted themselves to prayer day and night, all focusing on the same words and thought, until....behold...on the last day the mountain began to shake, indeed their prayers were answered as there was a small earthquake, centered under the mountain causing it to shift but a few feet to one was an miracle, for God had answer the prayers of the faithful. To his amazement, before the Pharaoh eyes, he witnessed the mountain shake, enough to cause it to shifted to one side....the mountain indeed moved as was the Pharaoh's challenged. The Pharaoh impressed and yet fearful of the Christian's God, knowing all to well, growing up on the legends of Moses leading the Jews slaves from Egypt hundreds of years earlier, he new the Christians were actually Jews converted as they believed in Jesus Christ, so as a result the Pharaoh indeed proclaimed that Christians would have freedom for all eternity in Egypt,  not going back on his word for fear of God's wrath, to this day, Egypt is one of the few places in the middle east where Christianity can be openly and safely practiced in a Muslim dominated territory.

It was this legend that intrigued me of power in numbers, alone each of us is but a drop, united we carry immense strength and influence, an example of natural law, and a lesson in life that indeed there is power in numbers. "UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL!"it has been proven even with not involving religion, groups of people all thinking the same thoughts can manifest an idea into reality...a telepathic power we are just beginning to learn and tap into. The mind is the most powerful computer on the face of the earth, though if we do not turn it on by way of being conscious, all is lost. Some say the toxins and mind manipulations of TV and synthetic society in general have shrouded our ability to use this sixth sense...referred to as; "the minds eye", or "third eye".

The other reason I choose not to turn my back on religion and practice Christianity is because it is proven fact that Jesus Christ actually lived, no one can deny he existed any more than you can deny George Washington, or Hitler never existed. Once more, Jesus Christ's teaching are known to be true. Indeed his quest was to teach us through his actions, the path to peace and harmony with all.  Though in today's world problems occur when people loose faith when typical media blows legends out of proportion, and people are suppose to believe the theatrical version, themselves jumping to conclusions. Every time a story is retold it changes, grows grander, more exaggerations. Like Mosses parting the Red Sea with his staff, there are several reason how the water could have turned on the Egyptians, yet people imagine unrealistic visions of mountains of water held back by mysterious forces. Though this is a good example how people bicker and argue over details, in the bigger span of things it is not our place to prove and confirm legends of the past, we are to take them on faith, remember that is what religion is all about...all questions will be answered in the next life perhaps...indeed all religions are based on an after life, or another level.

We often make the mistake of questioning, then jumping to conclusions, as a realist one looks to reality; make no mistake Jesus Christ lived, Jesus is documented as being someone who actually lived and contributed to humanity by most religions of the area and time. The only argument is how much and to what extent Jesus's contributions where. On one end of the scale you have the Jewish religion who officially state that Jesus was a false Messiah, nothing more than your average Joe, then in the middle, there is Muslim faith who count Jesus as sort of a saint, (sorry don't know the terminology), and acknowledge his teachings of peace and harmony. Then of course there is the Christians who believe Jesus Christ to be the son of God himself, though notice how many different Christian variations there are because no one can ever agree on the details. Though all this is beside the point, again do not try and define, rather accept it for what it is...the truth and fact that Jesus actually lived.

Jesus was a teacher, simple as that, on what ever level you want to place him on, when it comes down to it, that's all we really need to acknowledge. His teachings ring true through the centuries, as true today as they were when they came from his lips. We need to ask ourselves; What did he teach you, what did you learn? No one...not even an selfproclaimed atheist can claim Jesus Christ didn't exist any more than he/she can claim Bobby Ore or Babe Ruth didn't exist.

Yet one more reason I personally accept and practice Christianity is also because of the legends in the Bible that are known to be true and undeniable, the information and facts that have been proven to be true in history and by science: places, names, people, all told of in the Bible. Perhaps the most intriguing part is the future the bibles for tells, apocalypse soon to come....and the interesting part is it looks viable, tied into what is happening around the world today. Much of it coming to pass written in the history books, many facts in history provable, we are living in a very very interesting aware of this...its half the battle, there is much proof of powers at be, indeed what I personally hold out hope for is God's promise for the righteous to rule the earth.

Those who act righteously in thoughts and actions need not fear God's wrath...again taken on faith, for faith is hope and hope is all we really else are we to fix the damage already done;
the dyeing Oceans, the extinction of animals, the nuclear weapons set to go off, the horrible pollution causing death and diseases... really who else has a chance of fixing these problems?

Though it is not enough to simply follow any religion blindly, as fate would have it, having been grown up with out a religion as many of us do in this day and age, as a realist I have opened my mind to questioning and learning religion from many sources, Stepping out side the box that most religions gracefully put their members in. Understanding much is to be learned, excepting what is good as a learning tool and discarding what is bad as false religion, yet still learn from it. There is much to admire and learn from all religions, in fact most religion stems from similar circumstances, remember each religion is praying to the same God, only in different languages and traditions, there are lessons to be learned and gems of information from each religion, even the most remote tribe's religion is true, so long as its values are to true to God. One hierarchy claiming his religion to have favor over another is no different' than you or I proclaiming our boss is the best in the world, how do you prove it.

The other way they like to scare the living crap out of you is to say; " if you sin you will go to hell", or if you do this or that you will go to hell...sins are not to be avoided 100%, "for he who has not sinned cast the first stone" cried Jesus, nobody is perfect...I suspect even God himself is not perfect as the bible has many instances of God losing his patience, and admitting mistakes. Are we not made in his image, inside and out?

In fact the secret to life can be defined as a balance between ying and yang, there is good and bad thoughts and actions in each of us, there will always be sinful thoughts and actions, we are human, a flawed species, some say not natural, in fact there is much proof of intelligent design. We are NOT put hear to be self loathing, materialistic, selfcentered individuals to live the richest life possible...corporations have manipulated society into believing personal comfort is all that matters, when in fact we are to balance life with our own happiness, with making others lives better, so start thinking of others besides your selves, only those who's focus is on themselves need to fear the coming apocalypse. What have you done to help other's, to speak out against tyranny, when have you gone that extra mile for some one, or given till it hurts?

What does mater is the majority, and the inner being must be good, and more importantly, one must be repentant for the mistakes we each make, recognize that it was bad. As would a parent teach their children to learn from their mistakes, God is our father teaching us right from wrong, We really are just on big family. How would you react to your child not learning from  his mistakes, or continuing to do bad or harmful things?

Words don't define so much as actions:

The current denial of religion is designed to be trendy, people tend to worship movie, sports, and music stars rather than the teaching of religion values...which really are family values, this can be related to the dysfunctional society we have today.

“Religion and politics should be open to each other. Religion is essential for the creation of a basic ethical consensus in society as well as the formation of conscience”  Pope Benedict calling for church and state not to be separated so strictly.  Personally I despise people who go to church on Sunday only to rob, and rape on Monday, some how being lead to believe that a simple prayer will wash their sins away...though as I pointed out before, we are all judged on our actions of our body mind and spirit, if we are only good on Sundays, rob and rape mon-sat, the odds of tipping the scale of right and wrong towards a good out come are pretty slim ;(  Don't think you can blame the priest either, not going to be that simple...we as individuals are responsible in death, just as we are in life.

God and Religion is something that is there 24/7365 days a year, its not so much that one should worship and demand every kid to say the lords prayer, its more of acknowledging the values of religion in the decision making, instead of making decisions that are only good for profit and the corporations needs because your paid by the corporation....recognize the first allegiance is to God and humanity, and all life should emulate this, for a balance life can not exist centered around profit, society is teaching profit is for Monday to Friday, sometimes Saturday and Sunday. Religion is being separated from society, people forget that religion is the keystone of family values, respect of one another, acknowledgement of how important nature & the environment is.

There is a purpose, just because we don't know it, doesn't mean its not there, have faith.

Ask yourself; Does it do any harm to believe?  Embrace religion on your own terms.

Realize that over time the bibles and Korans of all religions have been changed, and sections omitted to suit the needs of kings, and priests, recognize words have many meanings that can be taken out of context...these books are not meant for us to live by, but to learn by. Like any book of learning, it is a tool, the only words that are meant to be lived by specifically are the ten commandments....if we all lived by those few words, as God intended, the world would be a better place.
As the Muslims say; " all is as God wills it" :

though people question "why did God allow it to happen" or Why did God not save us"

to which it is not God that let you down or caused it, rather its the ignorance of man, and when a  innocent person who is good, or done no wrong dies in an accident, or disease (man made), we need not question God's reasons, Perhaps the innocent die for the sins of others, God needs good angels, though I do not ponder these thoughts, it is not the time nor the is all we need.

Don't underestimate any religion, there is a God.

side note;
Definition of Zionism: an organization of Jews whose goal is to create a nation for Jews.

Definition of Judaism: Jews collectively who practice a religion based on the Torah and the Talmud.

though in essence, when a Jew accepts Jesus Christ as the Messiah,(and thousands of Jews are accepting in faith that Jesus really was the messiah),  they automatically become Christians. The very first Christians indeed were Jew converts, who didn't  blindly follow what the hierarchy taught, insisting that Jesus was not the Messiah.

What can I expect After Death?
People wonder what Heaven is like, and truth is what one believes in his mind is exactly what it “looks” if you are taught to believe you are talking to Allah’ then your process will be like told by Muslim Koran, much the same goes for Christian, Jew, Hindu, ect…
Though this does not mean if you believe you will get 20 virgins for blowing your self up it will be so, no! God passes judgement on every one of his children the same. How did you live your life, did you turn your back on God, and the world, or did you live a life a fairness,love, compassion, with maybe having some rough time in between? People who hurt other’s are to be judged accordingly.

   Gods wishes are simple, live a good life, think of other’s, give of yourself to better others, the key is to do more good deeds than bad. Life is a balance of both good and bad, we all have bad thoughts from time to time, and we all sin. Help those in need when God presents you with the opportunity. God does not expect us to be perfect, sins are a fact of life, they are mistakes meant to be learned from. The desire of life is to do far more good things than bad in life, do this and you will be just fine, you may have to work hard in process, take to heart; "nothing good comes easy". People like Mother Teresa and other’s that gave of them selves such as they have, live in the high ranks of Heaven, and rightfully so.  

    Heaven is made up of layers, like a high rise building only on a much bigger scale, Ground level is entry for judgement to define as to which way you go, up or down. Top floor is reserved for only the most righteous, wise peaceloving, honest caring, giving people, of all,  there was a number mentioned in the bible about  110 000 or so. The bottom floors are for the inept conscious, less than perfect, perhaps nieve souls. Not totally lost or condemned, perhaps some acts of charity and re incarnation or as they say “an angel earns its wings” though some form of service, something we need not concern ourselves with other than the fact to be conscious and  righteous enough not to end up on the lower levels, because for them special treats awaits their demise of eternal damnation. From the bottom up, its shape is a pyramid and also from the bottom down each layer is a little smaller, perhaps this is because there are the most souls at those points, while at the tops of Heaven and Hell there is the least amount of souls there. Maybe this idea is where the 110 000 number comes from; it’s the top level of Heaven.

                                                 Level  33  God's right hand
                                                                                          32 32
                                                                                        31 31 31
                                                                                      /      30      \
                                                                                    /        29        \
                                                                                  /          28          \
                                                                                /            27            \.
                                                                              /              26              \
                                                                            /                25                \
                                                                          /                  24                  \
                                                                        /                    23                   \
                                                                      /                      22                     \
                                                                    /                        21                       \
                                                                  /                          20                         \
                                                                /                            19                           \
                                                              /                              18                             \
                                                            /                                17                               \
                                                          /                                  16                                 \
                                                        /                                    15                                   \
                                                      /                                      14                                     \
                                                    /                                        13                                       \
                                                  /                                          12                                         \
                                                /                                            11                                           \
                                              /                                              10                                             \
                                            /                                                 9                                                \
                                          /                                                   8                                                  \
                                        /                                                     7                                                    \
                                      /                                                       6                                                      \
                                    /                                                         5                                                        \
                                  /                                                           4                                                          \
                                /                                                             3                                                            \                                               
                              /    Level 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222; get the idea?  \
                            /Level 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111entry in Heaven \
                                                      -------------------------The Pearly Gates-------------------------
                           \       1evel 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111starting in Hell     /
                             \                       level 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222                  / 
                               \                                                              3                                                              /
                                 \                                                            4                                                            /
                                   \                                                          5                                                          /
                                     \                                                        6                                                        /
                                       \                                                      7                                                      /
                                         \                                                    8                                                    /
                                           \                                                  9                                                  /
                                             \                                               10                                               /
                                               \                                             11                                             /
                                                 \                                           12                                           /
                                                   \                                         13                                         /
                                                     \                                       14                                       /
                                                       \                                     15                                     /
                                                         \                                   16                                   /
                                                           \                                 17                                 /
                                                             \                               18                               /
                                                               \                             19                             /
                                                                 \                           20                           /
                                                                   \                         21                         /
                                                                     \                       22                       /
                                                                       \                     23                     /
                                                                         \                   24                   /
                                                                           \                 25                 /
                                                                             \               26               /
                                                                               \             27             /
                                                                                 \           28           /
                                                                                   \         29        /
                                                                                     \       30      /
                                                                                        31 31 31 
                                                                                   Level 33:  Lucifer; Keeper of light; the all seeing eye;(The Devil) Illuminati goal of knowledge

    Satanists believe there is power in the Devil, some souls seek him out,  to get as far into hell as possible because there is more power with each step, bad power, secrets to sleaziness, power to manipulate, control. It is the easy way out for many on earth, there is plenty of opportunity, they grow to like the Devil  because he is easy, accommodating, there is pleasure in his power. On earth there is no judgment to be passed, so our freedom of will gets the better of us if we don’t control it. Though, the manipulation of society through sex, drugs, and rock and roll (stars) we lose sight of reality, a reality of today's dysfunctional society.  It becomes like a drug, many get hooked without even knowing it through corporation control, capitalism, creating  lust, greed, gluttony in people.

  Others choose purposely to follow the path of the devil knowing full well they are hurting other’s. At some point, making the conscious decision to follow evil, the devil, become his/her worshiper. Products of the manipulated society we live in, built by those who own and control the world human population hear on earth. It has been the will of these powers that have purposely sought to distance the average citizen from the goodness of God, no more God is allowed in government,  schools,  or even public as its almost illegal to say “Merry Christmas”.

Though with out Evil, there can be no Good, they define each other, each one could not exist with out the other. Perhaps this is why God allows the devil his freedom to raine , to challenge mankind, keep him honest.  

God only knows how many layer’s of  Heaven and Hell, though perhaps the secrets are hidden in plain sight.
Much  like the Illuminati who seek the 33rd level; the all seeing eye, top of "their" pyramid is: Hell and all its secrets. Hell is selfgradifacation of one's self, and the actions that benefits ones self, where as heaven includes gratification of others, or thoughts/actions that benefit others/mankind.

Commonsense referance from the Illuninati hand book would indicate that there are 33 levels of heaven as well as hell.
The  lower layer’s near entry level of both Heaven and Hell contain the most souls, billions probably, though less and less enter into higher levels, thus is why it is said that there is a mere 144 000 souls in heaven, or upper heaven.