Standards Of Service our soul
Standard refers the the norm, norm means normal, normal means to expect in daily life....
...these are some of the norms that plague are our everyday lives:

  The systematic erosion of society has gotten so bad that it has reached a breaking point, companies and corporations charge more and give less than ever before, quality has declined purposely to make money, and keep us in debt.

  What fuels these erosions???  answer: CAPITALISM

  For and example; Cars built by the big three are designed to only last 5 years, people are expected to trade in their old car for a new one in that time thus keeping people in constant debt. Even more money manipulation is in the servicing costs, automobiles have been built more and more complicated so they have to be taken to a shop; like Dodge putting the fuel filter in the gas tank so it takes lots of time and expensive parts to inflate the bill to $500 just to change a fuel filter. You wonder why the land fills are over flowing, It's because today's society builds things to break, keeps people buying the latest and greatest, though this constant cycle is polluting the environment, bankrupting society physically and morally.

  Credit Card companies are manipulating society stealing billions each year, criminal interest rates approved by government to sap citizens income. Online scamming companies can put charges on in a whim, after we as consumer's are suckered into schemes that sound good but rarely deliver, like; "free trial, just give us your credit card info". Phony advertising is another chapter all it's own of misrepresentation and false advertising. All this while our mighty government sits idle as we are striped of billions maybe even trillions of dollars from deception each year in Canada. And you wonder why the world is in a's ignorance like this that builds up and, (like the straw that broke the camels back) will reset society. If a person starving on the street steals a loaf of bread, they go to jail while people who steal millions online get off scot free, this is society.

    Advertising has gotten out of hand, TV commercials that use actors portraying as professionals to say things that are not true, there is no morals in advertising any more. No policing or regulations, each day the online advertising flashing annoying adds gets worse, scams online steeling billions of dollars from Canadians with no questions from our government is "NORMAL", get use to it and expect it to get worse like the fox in the chicken coup with the farmer leaving the door open. It's almost like the creditcard companies and the online scammer's are working together as they both make billions with no recourse for victims
  What's the difference if a person steals money in  a robbery or online scam??? Answer; the robber gets put in jail while the online scammer gets a government grant. But hey, their are laws protecting the corporations, often times we can't even get the repeated charges stopped because of legislation.

  Even our phones are being bombarded with thieving misleading robbers, it got so bad I had to cancel my land line, every dam night several calls asking for money for charities only to pocket the majority of money for them selves. Yet our great government goes about it's business, powerless, and mindless of the problems that are plaguing our society. Is there no morals in politicians???? They act as if the problem never existed, a figment of our imaginations...a freaking night mare is what it is!
   Government Lottery is run by the devil himself, I swear.... It would have to be, look at the system they use; constant bombardment on every form of advertising to get you to play, adds played repeatedly brain washing peoples minds. Then they use charity as an exscuse to make people feel good to loose, the odds of winning are so low you would have a better chance of gettng hit by lightning. 

  Provincial BC49 lottery goes years with out a winner, However the money each month goes directly into the provinces greedy pockets. Steeling from grandma and grandpa suckered into a losing scheme with high hopes....this is our government! Laughing all the way to the bank with our retirement savings.

  Cheating has been reported recently in the corporation, retailer's commonly keeping the winning's for themselves, we would do better with the mafia running things, at least we would get protection...LOL

  To add insult to injury, government is now redirecting those funds of which were to be spent on funding sports and recreation for the average citizen, to now all the lottery money going directly into government coffers to do as they wish.

  Between the every day goverenmet taxes, milking money through government gambling, being ripped of by scammer's, and buying products that are useless and misleading the average citizen ends up with about 25% of his earning to live off of.....then he has to go into debt to survive.

   The the government ignores legalized extortion with payday loans, these establishment pray on the weakest part of society. The interest rate is criminal to say the least; for a $400 loan for thirty days interest is $200, with a $35 interest. The people who can least afford it are charged the most, driving them deeper into trouble; is this the government looking out for our best interest?

  It is frustrating just walking into stores in today's society, isles crammed packed an obvious fire hazard, prices are rarely marked and often incorrectly marked, most food has no dates when it was manufactured. Food quality is so poor and un healthy, tons of chemicals, and preservatives are in almost every product causing health problems. Genetically Modified, (GMO) food is rampant in today's society, we are guinea pigs; science show's many potential problems but our government couldn't care less could they?
  Plastics is allowed in every fathom of our in it, wear it, clean with it, even eating it is no big deal to our government. But hey... hemp which has been used for thousands of years is all of a sudden banned from existence for the last 80 years, it's much to dangerous for us dumb citizens and the poor poor corporations can't patten it.

   Many of today's restaurants have inexperienced staff, often no adult supervision, serving rotten food, or using poor cleaning practices is all to common. No accountability or standards of service, our government put their stamp of approval on it all. Interior health authorities is just a smoke screen, grouping air, food, and water quality all together. The governments uses the excuse of "funding" and " it costs money",  but what is more important than our air, food and water quality ? 100 inspectors under government control for all the interior of BC is only a fraction of what's needed. But's "normal" to run a failing system, last government got away with it.

  How can you trust the current government to look after our interests? Answer: You can't.

  This is why change is needed and worth working for, a new system of regulation centered on local authorities with a citizens watchdog group to confirm data and action. Much more resources and consideration of actions and alternatives to improve, then maintain high standards.

I find it ironic looking back to Expo86 in Vancouver, all the countries of the world had awesome displays focusing on the beauty of their country....I remember BC had a technology focus, neat little 3D movie describing the future in the new millennium...any one remember that? Remember they had that robot that looked like a space suit on wheels?..."Robby the Robot" I think they called it,,,basically a big remote controlled toy...any ways it gave a speech on what the future held for mankind...the dam thing said people would live long happy lives, no more sickness, no more pain, technology was gong to provide medical advancement, people were going to live long healthy lives...blah blah ironic nobody saw the infestation, not of germs or biological hazards, but of man made ones that blanket society and indeed the world, poisoning all humanity.

Conspiracy can be defined as fact or fiction through existence or non existence of simple selfevidence

   Radio Waves and Chemicals bombard our everyday life with government blessing;
  - aspartame, a deadly chemical poison:notice in the last while most sugar products are being replaced with aspartame, I use to chew a pack of gum a week, but now it tastes like crap, chemical taste, all gum has had its sugar replaced with aspartame that is similar in structure to rat poison and the owner of the corporation with the rights to blanket the earth with it in a vale of healthy sugar replacement is non other than Donald Rumsfield, ex US politician bigwig.
now in all gum, diet products including pop, yogurt,  diabetic sugar your labels.

  -  processed cheese and margarine are chemically altered food removing majority of nutrients and modified foreign substances that our body's can't compute, causing long time break down of human system potentially weakening the immune system and even directly causing liver disease or cancers.
self evidence is their ability to be left out in any temperature and not have any fly or insect go near it and the products stay seemingly fresh indefinite which is a symptom of being one molecule different in chemical structure as plastic.

-carbonated drinks cause major health problems, not just the chemical sweeteners, but the the carbonation,  tiny bubble that tickle our noses are causing calcium not to be absorbed into the body in turn, bones brittle and osteoporosis sets in, imagine all those brittle bones, hips and knees elderly people suffer from, A result of people who drink to much pop or carbonated drinks, and not much of any thing else. It is fact most Canadians don't drink the required 7 glasses of water suggested, in fact most people rely on either coffee, tea, or soft drinks as their staple drink.

-Fluoride in drinking water has been proven to cause health issues;
Fluoride is actually a poison Conspiracy relates the chemical as a weapon used to dumb society down, in fact all these chemicals serve purposes of similar reasoning. Could it be accidental that even after proof of the damage it is still endorsed by northamerican governments and corporations. Even bottled water is quickly adapting both aspartame and fluoride as standard issue and is to be excepted with out consumers knowing the full impact. Once again Europe has removed all fluoride from public drinking water and their teeth are just as healthy, self evident of reality. The last piece of simple natural evidence is look at the warning on you toothpaste, it says if even a little toothpaste is ingested call poison control because fluoride is listed as a poisonous element.
BPA or better known as plastics are the most unnatural products;
Today's society has been flooded with plastics in every fathom of our lives. Perhaps the most disturbing is how plastics is assimilate into our food supply, every packaged good is placed in plastics, even  metal canned goods are lined with plastic as an "anticorrosion"  regardless of the many studies showing how leaching of BPA and other chemicals is poisoning humans and in fact the entire world. This is done by multinational corporations using fossil fuels like a crack dealer, driving up the price of crude oil because of the demand in manufacturing needs in the name of profit.

We are all still reeling from the BPA scare of 2008 that called for an early retirement to all plastic baby bottles, various canned foods, and an assortment of plastic bottles and such. For those of you left unaware of what exactly the BPA scare is all about, biphenyl A (also affectionately known as BPA) is a synthetic estrogen, as well as dangerous chemical, and most commonly used to strengthen plastic and line various types of food packaging (mainly, but not exclusively, cans). It has been linked to everything from cancer to bizarre cellular changes that cause all sorts of disease and neural complications. Activists and consumer rights advocates have been demanding a general ban on the chemical for years now, and just recently the FDA reversed its previous position on BPA (insisting that it was safe) and announced a renewed concern about the use of it in food packaging. Recent government studies estimate that the chemical has been found in the urine of more than 90 percent of the population, and this can’t be good.

However, it may be said that no one wants to get BPA out of the food supply more than U.S. food manufactures, who are being severely pressured to clean up their products or face a boycott and/or financial ruin. So it seems that everyone just wants to get the BPA out of the food supply, but strangely it still remains ¿½ sometimes in abundance. The complications that arise around eradication of BPA, which is in the epoxy linings of nearly every metal can on supermarket shelves and leaches into nearly everything it comes in contact with, resides in the hugely expensive R&D it takes to find a viable alternative.

The effects are infinite, though a few major ones are the fact of the problem of more than 10 000 babies are born hermaphrodites, or having both sexes, each year in Canada due to plastics, and adding to the problem is  more synthetic female hormones are released when heating food in plastic containers in the microwaves or using plastic utensils like plastic flippers for no stick frying pans.

Homosexuality has been exploding in the last 30 years, I'm not saying its not natural in some very few cases, but the reality is it is also be manipulated and chemically pushed to the forefront by actions nobody even recognizes. The first thing in dealing with a problem is recognizing it in the first place. This is suppose to be the land of free speech yet if any one even breaths the relation between homosexuals and something unnatural causing it, they are automatically considered homophobic, even taking legal action...but this dose not change the fact and reality of plastics containing a synthetic female hormone that is causing major problems leeching into the food supply effecting healthy growth of children.

The other obvious problem is the discard of plastic, generations of yesterday adapted the,"don't see it, not a problem, lets dump it into the ocean and forget it exists", leaving us and future generations to deal with their mistakes...OOPS! The major problem of a plastic island floating in the oceans the size of Europe, is one nobody knows how to deal with. Fish are mistaking plastic for food, eating the small chunks, then being eaten by humans or others in the food chain and poisoning them and us...the Insanity of Humanity is just beginning to be recognized.

Please become conscious of these actions, demand producers and government go back to glass and paper packaging. Purchasing power has a lot of sway and if more people purchase the produce that is in healthy packaging, we alone can have an effect, we don't have to wait for lax government to take action.

Don't believe me? ask you doctor or pharmacist to do a estrogen reading of your saliva, males will be shocked to find high levels of synthetic estrogen, indeed this could cause health issue, even sexual disorders or impotence issues.... go to your health food store and inquire about a estrogen cleanser, (normally used by women).

Teflon® can kill;
Indeed small animals die from toxic poison fumes if the nonstick ware coated pan is left on high, causing it smoke chemical toxin's, obviously extremely poisonous . The slow build up of fumes in the body over time of continual use couple with digesting actual particles of nonstick solids is non the less very unhealthy, most likely contributing to cancer and organ disease and even birth defects proven by science, slowly but surly in courts of law as well, but still not enough for our governments to act responsibly, for it may cause hardship to a few corporations, corporations that are free to lobby and donate to election campaigns...monuments to the hypocrisy of so called democracy in Canada!

Radio Waves pollute the mind, body and spirit;
Since the year 2000 radio waves have been acknowledged by courts to cause health effects....though non in Canada yet because under the vale of law; 'Biological effect' does not equal 'health hazard', so this gives the right of way to every level and type of radio wave to bombard our environment.

Most of the time with out warning and with out our knowledge of the hazards, simple microwaves give off a radio wave the strength of a cell phone tower each time you use it, when they first came out in the seventies they warned people to stand back, then they stopped warning people because it was a bad selling feature. Men who hook their cell phone on their belts can suffer sexual drive problems, causing you to go to the doctor, putting strain on the system, but the innocent drug corporations get sell you a prescription one of hundreds of potential prescriptions to treat the symptoms of either mental fatigue or sexual problems, even seizers, and people wonder why the health system is flooded and over worked.

This is reality, stop bumping around blindly, trusting with our many of use use the microwave daily to cook our meals? many of us do it in plastic containers?....Personally I hate it when issues sway from one extreme of all or nothing, there is a need and a way of balancing the good with the bad, It doesn't have to stop 100%, microwaves are useful, but don't use them every day, and don't use plastics containers in the microwave...I myself use it one a week maybe even once a  month, and when I do, I use ceramic cups and plates, or glass ware. Simple steps in becoming conscious and recognizing and learning can have positive effects and sway corporations to rethink their packaging and products in how they are used.

Fluorescent Lighting;
One of the brightest memories from school was the buzzing and flickering of the fluorescent lighting, indeed every public school is blanketed with fluorescent lighting, systematically dumbing down society.  It wasn't until the green environmental movement has there been a push to use 100% fluorescent lighting,  though not with out plenty of opposition as the facts come to light, those who are effected are forced to tell their story in order for others to avoid the pitfalls of ignorance government and corporations propel on society.
Fluorescent bulbs also are manufacture using mercury, officially they are considered biohazard though non of the retail out lets have recycling depots, and most municipalities throw fluorescent bulbs in land fills where it leaches into the ground water and eventually into drinking water, rivers, and oceans where it ends up in the fish and animals that we consume.

Deodorants and Air fresheners full of harmful chemicals;
Still more and more unnatural chemicals bombarding people by multinational corporations in the name of profit. Seems society can't stand the smell, or a simple trend, fashion statement, luxury to make you free like royalty, after all, royalty never smell.

Give me the smell of road apples any day over the smell of artificial crap burning my nose and watering my eyes, after all bullshit is actually good for the environment unlike the synthetic concoction of chemicals that have been proven to cause all sorts of hazards. If it wasn't the PCP's from 70/80's disco fever hairspray fashions,  it was the armpit deodorants for the working man. Today it's the wonder of a chemical that magically makes all odors disappear into thin air, along with the gullible users cash...just frabreez it! The latest trend that has em lining up to ingest foreign unnatural chemicals by the truck load.