The Insanity Of Humanity
Citizen Solidarity...realizing reality.
And a Man sat alone, drenched deep in sadness. And all the animals drew near to him and said, "We do not like to see you so sad. Ask us for whatever you wish and you shall have it." The Man said, "I want to have good sight." The vulture replied, "You shall have mine." The Man said, "I want to be strong." The jaguar said, "You shall be strong like me." Then the Man said, "I long to know the secrets of the earth." The serpent replied, "I will show them to you." And so it went with all the animals. And when the Man had all the gifts that they could give, he left. Then the owl said to the other animals, "Now the Man knows much, he'll be able to do many things. Suddenly I am afraid." The deer said, "The Man has all that he needs. Now his sadness will stop." But the owl replied, "No. I saw a hole in the Man, deep like a hunger he will never fill. It is what makes him sad and what makes him want. He will go on taking and taking, until one day the World will say, 'I am no more and I have nothing left to give.'"

The insanity of humanity never ceases to amaze, as ignorance is projected through regulation and control of every fathom of life and liberty. Humans are dependant upon mother earth, though we murder our own mother as the self evidence is overwhelming, wars, control, capitalize, cruelty to every life form upon mother earth, humanity has evolved into nothing more than polluting parasitic porpers

Perhaps the most painful to watch is the treatment of our dependants, as we depend on them to give us life, animals depend on us to give them liberty of space, food and water and sometimes shelter them from the elements. Though the transition from family farming providing free range is being replaced with corporate farms through political ineptness, shear stupidly and greed feeds those that know not what they do.

For any of us who have indeed grown up on a family farm know to respect and how to treat animals, realizing the balance of life man and animal each possess for each other. As a boy on a farm our chickens roamed free during the day and happily came in at night to roost for protection from the elements and predators. Cows and the like spent the summers in wide open spaces, often way up in the mountains living as dear, free to come and go this way and that. Indeed family farms were the back bone of civilization, until the vanity of politics twisted farming from family's as a bully twists the arm on a school yard.

  Today Corporate farms are the norm whilst our governments conveniently leave family farm in the dust, no subsidies or financial relief of any kind.

  Corporate farms have a devastating effect, not only do they eliminate a wholesome life style of family's providing an invaluable service to the community, but corporate farms alter the natural state of existence through harmony of all creatures on earth. Make no mistake about it, humans are carnivores, we wouldn't be able to survive existence with out animals, no less that a wolf or lion depends on other animals for existence. Animals such as pigs and cows, chickens have always been part of our food chain, though we evolved into keeping these animals close to us on things specially designed for this purpose called farms through natural progression. There is no shame in consuming these animals, we all have a purpose in the great scheme of things. though manipulated of society is the norm as all actions seem to go from one extreme to another. From wiping out many species with the greed of capitalism to the activist who jump to the conclusion that all consumption be stopped.

The latest craze of becoming an vegetarian is self evidence people who have no clue of animals, and indeed jump to the conclusion that no animal should be kept or used for consumption or clothing. Though man would freeze and gone hungry if not for the grace of animals, even to this day the world could not feed it's self on vegetation alone. Though we must realize our mistakes, look at the big picture, for an animal activist who insists no animal be used for clothing is NOT looking at the big picture because if they were they might look at what the alternative to natural clothing is. Pay close attention to what animal activist wear, clothing made from fossil fuels, polyester, synthetic clothing that is damaging the very air all live creatures breath. No different than a person who donates their organs so that others can live, to only take the heart and discard the lungs, liver and other valuable organs would not be considered. Animals who purpose in the cycle of life is to give us the gift of life would be insulted to give its life in vain, to take only the choice cuts and discard the hide, and other useful gifts is un natural and ignorant.  For not using the whole body only forces us to look to un-natural clothing such as polyester that in turn poisons the very animals the activists are trying to save from the system. Be careful which path you choose, don't let others lead you blindly with out proving the cycle of life.

Next time yours sitting at the supper table consider the food you consume and where it came from, the life it lived, ask yourself the question that all humanity needs to ask before consuming Mothernature's gifts. It is true no one man can change a corporation easily, but until we are conscious of reality, we too are held captive as we grow more dependant on those same corporation, for which their goal is control, for those who control the food control the people. Food is being used as a weapon against the people to control and dominate

Humanity can learn from all religions such as the natives have a belief as part of their religion that an animal presents its self to the hunter as it stands, if the animal swiftly flee's, it is a sign of Gods will. As a result of realizing true harmony exists in balance of all life, traditional natives honor each hunt with a sacrifice and give thanks and praise to the animals that sacrifice to give the gift of life, indeed utilizing every bit of the animal, nothing is wasted for it would be disrespectful and wrong...evidence that native religion is not false but relative more so than ever before, for it is a Renaissance of harmonious ways that the world must embrace, step back to natural, simpler times before corruption and capitalism.

Truth is revealed that the answer does not lye in the world becoming vegetarians, rather in respecting the needs of all animals regardless weather they are animals for consumption or companionship. Though society manipulation and brainwashing techniques have closed our minds to questioning reality and those that pasifie us.

                                                     Consciousness is the key, start by stopping consumption, send
                                                      a shock to their pocket book by only purchasing free animals.
                                             Reconsider baby chicken wings at bars, demand feeds the fires of hell.

It boggles the mind to this day as governments and scientist struggle to understand diseases that come from animals that threaten man, such as avian, swine, and mad cow diseases. A child could tell you cruelty such as stuffing animals in dark barns so tight they can not move, filling them full of drugs and steroids to increase production and growth will lead to disaster...and rightfully so, as what other way have they of fighting back?

    We all have heard the analogy of heaven on earth, thee's videos proves hell on earth, to feel their pain imagine yourself in their shoes, live but a few minutes in the hell man has served. The insanity of humanity is a monument to his ignorance. In NorthAmerica and much of the world these pictures are the norm, though some places like England, laws protect animals, and in turn protect traditional farming. Legislation dictating pigs be given a hut of their own with a predetermined amount of space all out doors in wide open spaces, also legislating how many animals can be kept in one area protects the environment as well by limiting manure concentrations. Another huge problem of un-natural multinational farms is the vast concentration of manure damages the environment because the concentration of nitrogen overwhelms the vegetation and indeed is killing our oceans as huge amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus spills into the water ways and down to the oceans which changes the ph of the water as well as the increase in   nitrogen causes to much algae to grow which uses up all the oxygen so that there is no air for fish to breathe.


Trophy and fashion statements, animals treated inhumanely and kept a secret from society, each day the madness grows, unnatural farming of furs for wealthy, mere fashion statements, more monuments to the insanity of humanity. Even municipal bylaws dictates inhumane treatment such as never let your dog off its leash to run off it's energy, instead of teaching animals proper behavior, people put them in cages or on chains creating canine cabin fever. Take the time to relate with your pet, embracing them as one of the family and as any new addition it takes time to learn the rules, but make no mistake animals are adaptable. Reverse the transition to corporate farming to embrace the Renaissance of old ways of family values. will be key to saving humanity from the ignorance of control and regulation of resources by un-natural anti-human multi national corporations.  
Unnatural fossil fuels feeds society like crack cocaine to unsuspecting youth confused by society.
Gasoline is actually a byproduct of crude oil, plastics is the drug of choice for which is ruining the world in a global proportions.
The powers at be use this as tool of control, withholding production to unnaturally increase the costs all things in today's manipulated society we purchase as necessities of life.
Packaging all goods in plastics that is both harmful to the consumer's health as unnatural chemicals leach into the food stored or cooked in plastic. After their use, they are discarded to create fresh productions, creating demand for fossil fuel exploration and  generating more control of the masses and mo-money for greedy corporations.

Plastics then go on proceeding to poison the earth and indeed all things in it as these video's point out. In every living life form on this planet, the young have PCB's, BPH, jet fuel, and fire suppressant in their bloodstream. Mother polar bears and whales milk is poison to their young, animals across the entire earth being decimated by diseases such as cancer like the Tasmanian devil of Australia.

Building blocks of nature disappearing. frogs, bee's and butterfly's disappearing from the face of the earth as quick as the flick of switch for production of hydrocarbon products.

humans being born with asthma, mental and physical deformities, such as Down syndrome, and multiple sex organs equate to one in ten children having some health issue before even taken a breath outside of the womb.

Yet governments are slow to act, providing no shortages of exscuse, controlled by a handful of families who own and control all corporations one way or another, creating a government call corporate dictatorship though manipulation of the banks who tell us where we can spend out tax dollars.  The alarming trend recently of our governments selling off the peoples assets to balance budgets is quickly leading to complete control of society.

Convenient this latest financial crisis  seems to drive prices even higher, which in turn drives deficits up, this is orchestrated by powerful wealthy dominating families that will give puppet politicians the reason they need to  the sell off of the peoples resources  in the name of debt, thus putting them in complete control of every facet if our lives
These are examples of corporate greed manipulating and brainwashing unsuspecting people, after all a single confused natural person has no idea how to learn the true unmolested facts. 

Innocence lost, this is the reality of what our governments have created, society manipulated, me and mine is the sign of the times, out of sight out of mind is not your concern we've been taught, though but for the price of a pizza, once a month from each of us, the hunger could be drastically reduced. If we as members of a society would communicate and share, much of the wars can be diverted. The truth is revealed when any number of people from any nation are put in a room, face to face there is no death or despair, but realization that we are all brother and sisters, yet controlled by those who's goal is to keep the world in turmoil for multinational corporations who have no allegiance to any country, their only allegiance is to profit and control of the destiny of the world. wise men who have graced the earth before us, have taught us the powers of possibility thinking, all these deeds can be dealt with, we only need the awakening of love for the world and the realization of what is going on around us. Not through force, but through a revolution of love and communication with each other, we can over come these issues. Though I have both fear and hope as this time we are in has been revealed as a  prophesy,in the apocalypse being the fate of man kind, indeed  there is a funny feeling of fate upon us as we realize the repercussions of our actions.
God have mercy on us all who realize the error of our ways...all others shall fall victim of their ignorance's.
The powers at be use a number of tools to manipulate and confuse us. The sad fact is this plan of control has been going on for hundreds maybe thousands of years, the bastardization of the world.

Creating conflict at a young age prepares sheople for a life of slavery, flooding society with drugs to keep good people down, families destroyed.

Indeed every war can be traced to banks profiting, every invention considered from a military point of view

How many of our family's have suffered drug or alcohol abuse, forever ruining the fabric of natural family.

It has been proven in other countries that by not restricting the age or drugs, people learn at an early age how to deal with these situations.

By restricing them, they are used as revolution tools becuase they are banned which makes them powerful and if your not uspose to have it, then the more of it you can get, the more selfsatisfaction is asociated with it. Eventually manfesting into acts of evil even becuase this often create actions of hate or pain; people steal, kill, asault as a result of crime that eveloved around drugs or alcahol, also these things are used to hide feelings of hate, or resentment effecting whole families. Do not underestimate the power of dispare, in large quanities it can overwhlem society as we se evidence of to day in our society.

The air that we breath can not be escaped, incrementally increased to a point of considering normal the effects we see, smog, poison, contamination of the entire earth, some places in worse shape than others, but don't be fooled, for even though you can see your hand in front of your face still, this alone is not the truth of the air quality. for it is in what we can not see that often is the most damaging to both mother earth and all living creatures with in its bosom.
Every animal deserves to be given basic rights, sufficient air, water, space, food, natural fair treatment.
Over crowding, scolding live animals, where is mans compassion?
Take a note from American native traditions, pay tribute in thought to the animals gift of life, respect, become one with the animal, by imagining yourself in their body, mind, and spirit. Its all about considering the animal before consuming, each time to sit down at the table, ask the question; has the animal had a chance to live and die in dignity?
For that farming requires a Renaissance revolution returning to traditional farming.
Alarming documentary; group of people who feel their actions can help protect them in today's world. Take note of the mother who is an vegetarian, along with her son, they have been taking the steps they "think" are the right ones. A vegetarian for 10 years along with her son, they indeed have the most toxic build up of all the group. As a result of trying to take the right steps with out proper knowledge, it can lead one to inadvertently increasing their exposure. Even vegetables soak up bad chemicals, wearing cloths and using plastics made from fossil fuels is also leaching into our bodies. If the child's levels are that high from one generation to the next, imagine what the child's children are going to have in their system.
PCB's have been banned in NorthAmerica, yet much of the world still uses PCB's, it knows know borders, PCB's assimilates our environment, not as a dart that can be plucked, but saturates and diluted in the stream until more and more overwhelms the system.

The other source of PCB's comes from Nuclear Power plants, though no visible chemicals can be seen emitting, often it is what you can not see that is the most dangerous. Again Environmentalist are pushing for more Nuclear power generators based on what they "think",  though their ignorance is playing into the hands of multinational corporations who profit from harnessing society with cost of simple survival.

None the less this documentary raises the alarm bells to how nano toxins have already saturated the entire earth, indeed all living creatures.
The only question remains; How DO we minimize the exposure?

First by recognizing the problem of multinational corporationscreating a synthectic materialistic world with the exscuse is for the good of putting people to work creates a disposable world. This disposable world has saturated the earth with biohazzard waste that is not of the natural world that is poisoning the entire earth.
Political Dictatorship: when multinational corporations lobby the politicians who then make the laws needed for corps to take control of the resources.
Multinational corporations have wrangle control of the production of food, like WallMart: "bigger is better", this only apples to profits, bigger is not better when it comes to humanity, bigger stores like wall mart can out perform small grassroots stores. However, Natural Law;  "only the strong survive" applies, in corporate lala land, their law is; Profits and Growth at any and all costs. In the law of the land for generations there has been a balance; every one is the same strength, thus non can over power the other...though this is no longer.
Even the most natural contributions to society, farming, use to be centered around families working together, neighbor helping neighbor to provide society with the need of one of the most important needs of society; Food.
Today food production has been hijacked by multinational corporations that now apply "bigger is beter" for profits, though as we know it is not better for the grassroots families who are not as strong as the multinational corporations, especially when corporations have the politicians and law on the side of multinational corps.
Though it is a double sided sword, not only does it destroy generations of families that cut deep into society on many levels, these large "corporate farms" as they are known, are also un healthy to the environment.

The shear size of tens of thousand of animals in one spot creates a overwhelming buildup of nitrogen, (main ingredient of manure which is mother natures way of regenerating the earth naturally)  that ends up in the streams that end up in the oceans.

Coupled with produce  production also on super size farms, large tracks of land get force fed fertilizers and chemicals over and over, which also ends up in the streams which end up in the oceans.

No amount of specialist, scientists, citizens, or action can make the politicians listen, through the lobbying and the deficits they turn a blind eye, through their ignorance they destroy the fabric of life...mother earth.