CITIZEN SOLIDARITY.....taking action
  My name is Brian Alexander, I'm 40 years old,  lived hear in Kamloops BC for the better part of my life.  I am a meager man, I don't have any PHD's or degrees, I didn't come from an well off, influential family. Nothing exceptional about me, I run a small home based business, ( ) built on hard work and old fashion personal service which I consider very successful. Not because the amount of money I make, but because of the number of hours I work, or should I say don't work, allowing me more time with family....that's priceless.

  Growing up on the lower end of society in my early years, I knowing what it's like to go hungry, struggle to pay bills, keep a roof over my head, avoiding the pit falls of destructive drugs and crime, learning the facts of life the hard way and better for it. I believe those experiences are a benefit to which has made me the person I am today.
  However I am far from perfect, I'm the first to admit I have made my fare share of mistakes growing up, often making mistakes of morronic porportions, the key is to learn from mistakes, becase we all  make them through out life

  Things are good, I could choose to live a life of ease and not go against the grain of society, but I worry about the future for generations to come. I worry about those starving and  homeless hear and all over the world, I worry about the changing environment that effects the health and well being, and the growing pollution and it's effects. I worry about the ever growing sicknesses and diseases ruining peoples lives, the shortage of decent health care, and most of all I worry about irresponsible government not making the right choices, causing the problems we face when things get so bad in politics that a person's health and quality of living is effected, it’s time to get involved.

   The goal is to have an effect in the choices and actions that effect our lives....

   The more people with the same goal the more effect it will have.

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One of the keys of success is to look at a problem in as big a picture as possible; we are of this city which is of this region, which is of this province, which is of this country, which is of this continent, which is of this world...all are effected therefor all should be considered when ever possible.
take note of the past

"In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;

And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;

And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;

And then... they came for me... And by that time there was no one left to speak up."

History repeats its self...look around you...truth reveals its self...our actions define us for eternity
society puts a price on everything while sacraficing the core values of everything.
todays society is controled by corporat dictatorship influencing the governments of the world

Below are articles I have published to bring awareness to the problems
that confront us....all of us and for generations to come.


  (published Kamloopsthisweek jan 09)        “I HAVE A DREAM”

January 19 was Martin Luther King Jr day, I find my self-thinking about the man who single handedly created a revolution of justice.

    Martin Luther King Jr is a man who lives on through the ages, inspiring generation after generation with the words “ I have a dream”. He recognized the importance and had the courage to take action against the ignorance and cruelty his people suffered from his own government. Martin’s inspiration lives on in his famous speech, “I have a dream”.  They weren’t just words either, he acted on them every chance he got even though his life was constantly threatened, he was wrongly jailed 30 times, his home bombed and eventually, he was murdered. Not once did he shy away or let it deter him from justice.
   Inspiring a revolution of equality, little did he know his actions would inspire our world throughout time. Today he inspires us not to accept the ignorance in our own time, To stand up and to work to make that dream a reality, and to do something about the injustices in our own time and in our governments on all levels.
   The list of ignorance and injustice of our own government is surprising long for being such a first rate country. Hear in BC, our schools are over filled and under funded, hospitals with patients in the hallways, children’s operations in jeopardy due to bed shortages, many left suffering on endless waiting lists, life long senior couples separated like animals in a slaughterhouse as greedy government counts it’s profits.
    Streets filled with drug addicted homeless people abandoned by the system, drugs ruining families. Children being left in dangerous homes because child services flounders like a fish out of water, seriously jeopardizing the mental and physical well being of many children.
    Forever burned in my mind are the faces of  Ian Bush and Robert Deiskski,  murdered with no explanation, accountability or punishment by the very police force that is suppose to protect and serve them. Are we to go on with our lives like it never happened?
    How ironic most of us have come to fear our own  protectors,how long till one day it is you or I that is cut down with Ignorance’s blade. Martin couldn’t trust his government either, his people were beaten with billyclubs.In today’s advanced high tech world it’s tazer’s. Even senior citizens are commonly tazered over mear parking infractions, seriously putting to question the service of the RCMP as a viable source of protection.
   Justice is truly blind as murders walk the streets in as little as five years while family's suffer eternity. Drug dealers and other serious criminals are dealt a soft existence from the system which defines the term “Crime Pays. Yes, the wheel of justice has few spokes that are not crooked as government hold late night sessions to pass pensions and pay increases for them selves and their friends while social programs are thinned like a anorexic fashion model.
   Our own leader, Premier Gordon Camble, turned a blind eye to justice as if he was married to lady justice her self, pardoning himself for drinking and driving, putting peoples lives at risk. .Also,in dictator like fashion, Gordon has disbanded any opposition by closing the peoples parliament for which no question of his leadership shall be brought forth if he has anything to say about it.
   Therefor, I draw inspiration from Martin Luther King Jr, his words drip of justice, his soul lives on in exclamation…

   "There are two types of laws: just and unjust... An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law...An unjust law is a code that a numerical or powerful majority group compels a minority group to obey but does not make binding on who breaks an unjust law must do so openly, lovingly, and with a willingness to accept the penalty."
  Fellow citizens….the future is upon us, now is the time of action…act! 


Fitting for February; THE POWER OF LOVE:
(published kamloopsthisweek feb 09)
   Consider the power of love; if it could be measured on a scale it would have to be compared with something to have a standard. The opposite of love is hate; they define each other as one could not exist with out the other. However they are not equal, if you could weigh them, one unit of love would be ten times as heavy as a unit of hate, this is built into their design by, (dare I say); God. I think the reason is obvious.
   Today’s problem lies in the amount of good and evil that is currently on earth, in today’s selfish, greedy, materialistic, religion battling world, there is much more hate in the world than there is Love. This gives us the current state of the world, half the population starving, poor and homeless the other half worked like slaves to pay taxes and debt. Wars still rampant in many parts of the world regardless of the war that was to end all wars, Freewill is mans weakness for which may bring his down fall.
   There are times when there is an outbreak of love world wide, like when there is a natural disaster or horrible event, you can feel the love like the glowing warmth of a fire. People pull together, consciously choosing to care, giving of them selves. It’s a shame that it takes a horrible event to make people open up.
   The opposite is true when a country is invaded by another, or rebellion of the citizens rise up against its ignorant government, hate over whelms.
   Even hear in BC, when the killing of Robert Dziekanski by the RCMP was broadcasted around the world, the hate and shame was so thick you could cut it with a knife. People’s emotions couldn’t help but feel hate towards the RCMP. I personally felt so much hate, I wanted to burn every dam cop car in the detachment parking lot to show how much over the line they stepped, how much hate they generated with their ignorance, killing a unarmed innocent man. People don’t realize emotions cannot be controlled sometimes, for every action there is a equal reaction. However, I took a moment to reflect on people like Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr, the nonviolence they bravely demonstrated in the face of complete ignorance. They taught me battles will never be won fighting evil with evil. Be aware, for which there is no shield to protect Evil against Love’s mighty blow. Robert’s death will not being in Vain if we hold them accountable so it doesn’t happen again.
  Society should be aware of secret evils that are waging war on good, there are those that feed on greed and power thus propelling peoples pain and suffering for their own benifit. The world is slowly being chipped away, day by day by evil, like a drop of water in a bucket, eventually the bucket overflows. Be aware, make the conscious decision to generate love-based actions of concern for other’s and the future. Don’t wait for a terrible world event to occur, it’s important before it’s to late, especially for those most in need, near and far. We are all connected and are of the same world for which all living things are connected and ultimately one family, helping other’s helps every one, including our selves.

Ignorance may win some battles, but Love will win the war.

         There is no better religion, only better people.

    Consider one God; People who have lived apart from each other on opposite places of the earth speak different languages, why would we expect them to have the exact same word of God? When God speaks of the true religion people jump to the conclusion that God must mean “their religion” ….that must make all other’s false and the enemy, thus they must be converted or killed.
    Consider societies from the very beginning have been controlled by Priests or holly men with their holly books, kings influenced, indeed most war and madness used religion as an excuse. Man manipulates the words of God; extremists flourish in every faith because so many words have so many different meanings that are taken out of context conveniently.
  God intended Christians to live life by ten simple commandments, consider a textbook in school is not meant to live every facet of life by, it is merely a tool for teaching life’s lessons….the truth is revealed that the bible is a teaching tool not the path of life it’s self, Wako Texas stand of is an example of words taken out of context conveniently.
   For extremists who oppress and obliterate innocent using the words of God awaits a wrath unimaginable, take comfort in knowing that one day all will be judged before God, not by religious faith but as individuals and their actions regardless of belief or not. Yes even so called “atheists” as you can “think” what you want, God will oblige, but not before judgment, to “think” otherwise is a mistake.
   Truth is revealed through facts: I can believe that a wheel is square with all my heart, but the fact remains that it is round. Thus an extremist Muslim can “think” he will receive 40 virgins for killing innocent people yet truth reveals that he will not. The sooner and more people that understand the better the world will be.

   Christians take for granted that if you ask for forgiveness you will be cleansed of your sins, with no recourse. Sins are forgiven yet people fail to understand that sins are far from forgotten. Judgment day you are weighed of your life. The good against the bad, your accomplishments not of wealth, but of giving of yourself to better man and God’s kingdom. A secret of life is to give of yourself, it is depressing to see people manipulated and led astray in today’s society of greed and self-loathing. Life is a test, recognizing your own existence in the cycle of life is God’s Goal.
   Society has distanced it’s self from God and religion, it’s getting so bad you can’t wish some one a merry “Christmas”. It’s troubling to see people pray for forgiveness on Sunday only to lie, cheat, steel, mislead and murder on Monday. God is in your life 24/7/365, you cannot turn God off Monday to Saturday, self-proclaimed atheist don’t get to live a self-centered selfish life, expecting to pass unscathed. Be aware, God is everywhere! …Think beyond the box.
   Truth reveals “True” religions have the same basic values of love, honor, respect, forgiveness, giving of ones self and so forth.  The farthest ends of the world, isolated tribes have their form of “True” religion based on God’s values. Natives that have had their religions beaten out of them to “save their souls” have had so in vane. It matters not what priest and people in power “think”, ultimately, sooner or later, truth is revealed.  
   It’s no mistake Jerusalem is the Holly land for most major religions, it is of one God that all true religions are built, the path to peace on earth is in embracing the views of all righteous religions and peoples as brother’s and sisters of one world…of one God.

Brian Arthur Alexander, CS  (published kamloopsdailynewes feb 09)


  (published kamloopsthis week; march 09)
Animals are people too: we are the creators of our own madness.

  Recently in Kamloops there was a case of a man killing a dog that kept barking. The man phoned “by-laws” several times with out resolve, as a result of inaction of by-laws and owner of the dog, the man was forced to put the dog out of it’s misery or face being driven out of his own mind by constant barking. It could be ruled that the man was already driven out of his mind, it would take a lot to push someone far enough that they were willing to physically harm an innocent animal. It was sad what happened, but what quality of life did either the dog or the man have?  The man; was psychologically tortured with the noise pollution of constant annoying barking, much the same style as seemingly harmless water torture military use. The dogs life; tied up, 24/7, no time spent to train or socialize, not taken for runs to burn off energy, abandoned emotionally, often just a fashion statement or security tool to scare thieves away.
   Some people complain at the slightest sound of a dog’s bark, while other’s have to put up with the constant sound of barking for hours. We must except a dog is going to bark from time to time, say for up to a half hour, especially if a bear is passing through the neighbor hood, a balance of commonsense and reality is the remedy. When my neighbor goes to work his dog sometimes barks for hours, at which time I go holler at it and it with my PO voice, it seems to understand and shut up, some times I even reward it with a treat  to build a relationship. I could be a jerk and call by-laws or I can learn to live with a little noise pollution or develop a relation ship with the animal.
   Many people have a misconception that animals are stupid beings that have no feelings or understanding of emotions. Animals often get treated badly with the exscuse, ”there just dumb animals”. The problem is compounded by so called “professionals” and politicians dictating how to treat animals. Currently most professionals state; never let your cat see the light of day, keep them inside 24/7, keep dogs on leashes, tied up and caged, never ever give your dog a bone, and spay or neuter your animal ASAP.
   Local bylaws contradict dogs healthy living by dictating all dogs in any park must be kept on short leashes, even in mountainous rural parks out in the middle of no where. Some breeds you can get away with a depressing meager life on a leash but many high strung dogs go out of their mind if not allowed to burn it off some how. But hey… politicians and professionals who’s only experience is to have gone to college or university know best, 20 year old text books have all today's answers, right?
  It’s a known fact among people with real experience, fixing animals before their a year old often screws with their brains creating a hormonal imbalance with varied side effects, like disobedience or barking like a young pup for hours on end. It’s no “bull” either, just look at the difference between a bull and a steer which is castrated at a early age.
  Keeping your cat inside,(an animal designed to live out side) for it’s entire life is equivalent to you being kept in your bathroom your whole life. Put your self in your cat’s life…sure your healthy, fed, even loved, but just beyond that window is what life is all about. Cats learn where home is, letting them out for a few hours during the day is not going to bring the world to an end? Not taking risks is like you never leaving your home, you might get hit by a bus, or slip on the ice. Don’t be selfish, life’s about quality not quantity. 
   Bones for dogs are more beneficial than harmful as they clean teeth and prevent gum disease, one in a million might develop a problem in the intestine if fed the wrong type. One in ten thousand  humans are in serious auto crashes…. are we to stop driving?
  Truth is that animals have every emotional capability as we do, they may use them in differn’t ways, but make no mistake. Often times animals have much higher abilities than our own, like eagle eyes, canines sense of smell 100X's more sensitive than our own, and horses sensing our emotions before we recognize them ourselves. It is sad how humans have taken for granted all living creatures, sending many to extinction, treating the rest as items of consumption or amusement with no rights or recognition.
  People need to realize dogs, (man’s best friend) are born with certain emotions and instincts. Programmed with a need for physical contact and approval from it’s master. Most dogs, (especially the larger breeds) are filled with energy that needs to be used in some form. Dogs run up to 35 mph for which people forget, the majority of people keep their dogs on short leashes, afraid they might get into trouble because they neglect to teach the dog life's rules. It should be law that dogs be taken off the leash and be able to run several time a week. Not doing so causes a build up of energy and emotions for which can drive a dog to irresponsible behavior. It’s amounts to canine cabin fever, some are more susceptible than other’s, being tied up or penned off 24/7 builds an anxiety rush of energy to escape. The shorter the leash and smaller the cage the animal is kept in the greater the effect. Animals were born to be free, in wide open spaces, granted we do have to make concessions in today's world. However there should be laws out lining certain facts. To own a large breed animal is a lot of irresponsibility, and training. It is instinct for dogs to bark, and dogs in packs switches on the animals killer instinct, this is why attacks are usually in two or more dogs. People owning more than one dog, (especially certain breeds) need to be held more accountable.
  All living things are born a blank computer, certain instincts waiting to be programmed usually done by the parents in the wild, but when humans intervene and take for granted or make assumptions it often leads to trouble. Animals can be taught to interact in any situation, yet it is the lack of interaction that causes grief for both the animal and people.    
  It’s sad how society has taken for granted and lost that sacred connection of respect, understanding and healthy coexistence with each other.  Animals used in consumption should have minimum standards of living. As a kid growing up on a farm, our cows would have good life, lots of clover, summer’s spent lounging around the mountain range, eventually they would come down in the fall and then be shipped off to the slaughter house with out suspecting a thing. Today's world, the cows get stuffed on a feed lot, crammed full with little room, living a life of stress, often fed meat substitutes, and pulp from mills and factories, creating mad cow disease. Never getting the taste of fresh grass, or roam on a range. The it goes to our grocery stores at a premium price while the traditional farmer’s in BC are going bankrupt.
    It’s also disgusting current poultry farm standards allow poultry to be stuffed together so tight that many die from suffocation, no room to move. Then moronic “professionals” wonder why destructive diseases like avian flue are developing in Canada. Commonsense dictates birds treated so inhumanly like the 60 thousand birds crammed into one or two barns so tight they can’t turn around will eventually create a cesspool of diseases. The same is true as if it was a thousand humans stuffed in a barn to live, eventually deadly disease will break out…duh, yah “think” 

  Regulations and government rope-a-dopes will ruin us all.

We are the creators of our own madness…challenge madness: