Improve Quality of Life through Citizen Solidarity

                                                                    Living in the past:

  Imagine your self living in the 12th century, as a citizen what was life like, what was the government of the time telling it's people?

  One of the things that stands out to me back then is people thought the world was flat, indeed if you went to far you would fall right off the edge. 

Why did people think the earth was flat?
   Even though the moon went by night after night the people in power, (essentially their government) told them that the world was flat, it was practically law, so everyone believed the world was flat with out question. The greatest priests and scholars of the time even taught this to be true, back then people who didn't think the way of the government were often killed or sent to the gallows', tortured in vain often in the name of god ..... wasn't until a few people took the initiative and opened their mind to the facts, went against the grain by thinking outside of the box society built, instead using the facts mother nature provided them, proving otherwise, literally changing the shape of the world we have today.

Living in the Future:

The future is now.....
      I remember 30 years ago, back in school our teacher use to talk about the future, he said the earth is going to get warmer from increased gases in the atmosphere, and people will get sun burned in a few minutes because of it......

  There will be a shortage of doctors because the baby boomer's will be retiring and needing services for which the current system will not support. There will be a massive shortage of doctors and nurses causing over flows in the hospitals and long waiting lists for people needing simple operations.......

   There will also be a shortage of water,(what? in BC?) we will often have to buy water and it will be delivered to house hold in large bottles.

   Nobody believed we would have to buy water, we thought the teacher was crazy!!!  We burst out laughing, and many of us said we would welcome the global warming as the -20 below winter's for four months of the year weren't all that fun, especially those of us who walked a mile to school. But our teacher informed us that it would bring new diseases, and insects that would normally die from the cold could now live through the winters or advance up from warmer climates, and even bacteria adaptation and new strains, creating new sicknesses and destroying vast tracks of vegetation.

   He also said that one day there will be a massive earth quake that will wipe out much of the Island, the city of Vancouver , and much of the states.That one has yet to come, but I only wonder when it will happen as all the other predictions came to pass. Although he did say the world was going to run out of oil too....4 out 5 ain't bad.

   Nobody believe the fifth grade teacher, till a few years later in the eighties the tussock moth wiped out much of the valley's fur trees,  after that I often think about what our teacher had said  and wonder about our future.  If a fifth grade teacher knew the future, don't you think the politicians would know the problems we face in the future and do something about it? It's ironic that there is a hit TV show called, "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader" that's based on adults who are rarely smarter than a fifth grader.

  Take a look around you citizens, our quality of life is deteriorating  physically, politically, and socially to such a degree that many people in Canada are suffering and even dyeing as a result of poor government . Hear in Canada??  Home of the strong and free, many of us find our selves victims of our own irresponsible unaccountable governments and the people they place in power.


If the econamy has been so great for the last five years its tough to tell;

people living below the poverty line has increased 300%,

Food bank usage has also doubled, working class and students are now haveing to use private foodbanks becasue of increased cost of living and government making it harder to appliy for social assitance and unemployment.

In fact cost of living has doubled in the last five years in just about every aspect of our lives; gas, constant utilities increases approved, food, and hear in Kamloops thanks to Terry Lakes spending habits to "put Kamloops on the map" has overspent beyand tax payers abilty by 10% for the past four years.

  In the five years leading up to the 2009 economic collaps, BC enjoyed a great up swing, yet the liberals from the very start, shortchanged funding in every sector? Now in this looming depression the liberals continue to short change the people of BC. The reality is the BC Liberals are bankrupting the province by selling out to multinational corporations....and it appears to be intentinaly...this in its self is a crime against humanity.
   As contamination and polution of our environment grows, sickness also grows, increased children born with helath problems, increased rates of cancer, alziemers, ALS, and dozens of other horrible diseases, BC citizens are faced with the reality of a health care system that leaves patients in hallways due to lack of funding for new beds, lack of funding for overtime so a child can have a emergency heart operation, less and less citizens even have family doctors, turning BC into walk-in clinic health care... what kind of government does this??....perhaps in a third world county, maybe a dictatorship?, right hear in British Columbia our own BC Liberals are cutting corners with our health and well being.....and it's sickening!!

   People of BC also suffer the reality of a justice system that allows murder's to get out of jail in as little as 5 years , drug dealer's 'n thieves get slapped on the wrist as our children and family member's fall victims to horrendous drugs that are so addicting and destructive they devour a person's soul. Yet no action from the government other than to up the price for no seatbelt fines, and devote more money to road blocks to eradicate seat belt infractions.

   Many of us are affraid of our own police force, RCMP acting so unaccountable and out of control that with in 30 seconds of arriving, murdered a man on National TV  in front of the whole world and not get charged, or even reprimanded. The victim was standing with his hands up, no weapon was present, the four officer's began to repeatedly shock the victim to death for no apparent reason other than a predetermined joy of "can we tazer this guy?"  The same police force on a regular basis get's away with killing and assaulting citizens with out reprimand or accountability from any level of superiors or government intervention, any other country in the world would have rioted in the streets such as they are in Greece or Thailand, but hey...not good old passively polite Canadians EH!  

   It seems ther is no accountability,  quite obvious Protesting doesn't work in Canada, after all there were ten thousand citizens protesting on the steps of Parliament in Victoria, and hundreds of thousands of citizens in BC demanding Premier Gordon Campbell's resignation when he was caught swerving all over the road, drinking and driving back in 2004.
No, Gordon Camble has more of a dictators attitude as he constantly oversteps his bounds canceling Legislature sessions so no one can even question the Liberal dictatorship.(not that they answer any of the question any ways) Instead they take to "emergency" midnight sessions of Legislature to give them selves generous pensions and raises and eventually all their cohorts a nice fat raise too, justifying that they are the cream of the crop and deserve to be well compensated. Though it appears these "creamof the crop" are professional sellouts. its self evident; if they were all cream of the crop, then they whould have been doing a better job at looking after the interests of the people of BC instead of the interests of corporations. It appears the liberal government has branded them selves untouchable so they can get away with what ever the see fit. After all, who is going to dethrone them???...the NDP???....Your kidding right?

  The NDP has deflated to an all time low to a point of extinction, people are going to vote them in to power based on what???....Past performances??, like the "fast ferry fiasco". Please, NDP are even less competent of running our lives now then they were in their heydays. Carol James is a leader with a few dictator moves of her own by dictating that only women can run in certain ridings, or be appointed to positions regardless of qualifications. What kind of organization would jeopardize the better qualified candidate in exchange for equal sexes in the party?  I appreciate women's movements for equality, but trading quality for quantity is not the way to run a province. If a woman can out do a man, then she is welcome to the job, but don't take equal rights a step back ward to dictating that only women be appointed.

   You would have to vote for the NDP out of spite for the other candidates to make any sense out of your actions. The NDP don't offer any positive change, they offer a step backwards to the old ways of ignorant ego maniacs in a vortex of power mongering dictatorship of delusional progress and self loathing. The only voting base they ever have is the younger generation as they are to young to have know their wrath of ignorance and unaccountability. Why else is the NDP going the way of the doe-doe bird? Governments come and go for a reason....they are incompetent, it's called the law of survival.


    The only way to spur change is if WE citizens are in positions of power, if WE control directions and choices government make, therefor get involved, consider running as an independant in your area, or contribute time or money to others who do so, support the causes that offer real change to sustainable living. Consider getting involved and supporting  the citizen's solidarity movement. The alternative is not acceptable any more, the only option left is to start a new political movement based on what needs to be done to make the changes necessary for a healthy future.

   The current government is ineffective at dealing with situations of our well being, everything from our health care, police accountability, the justice system as a whole, the deteriation of the environment and just about every part of our lives is effected through government. Especially since the world enjoyed a economic boom such as it has yet the Liberal Government has only alienated it's self from it's citizens.

  Government must be a part of every ones lives and responsibility if we are truly going to change the course we are currently on. We are living in an age of transition of our environment, and if you choose, a transition of our government and way of life.Today we have the technology and capability to transform ourselves to a new way of living. The future as we knew it as kids is now. We are at the tipping point...either destruction for generations to come, or transformation  to balanced responsible  sustainable living.


       Necessity fuels Mother Natures Evolutionary design,

       It’s plain to see in any life form,

       It is necessary to adapt to ones changing environment to survive,

       Politics is entering an evolutionary design change out of necessity,

       Politics will evolve out of necessity if society is to survive.

The Environment cannot survive much longer with out real alternatives to the problems of current political inaction; taxing rather than acting with solutions.

Society can not withstand cost of living continuing to grow as it has for the past five years, food, shelter, transportation costs are fast becoming unaffordable for more and more British Columbians, poverty has grown 300% in the last five years

The justice system can no longer stand the current injustices repeatedly played over  and over.

Society can no longer afford old style political inaction on the issues,
Nor can it stand the unaccountable corruption and lying.

I am here to plant the seed of evolution, change politicians to people with a conscious rather than a agenda. A Government is to make choices for its people, rather than corporations, it’s a home before it’s a business.
The future will embrace many others like me, people who see the ignorance in the current system and the alternatives and solutions to the problems facing society and its citizens.

  It doesn’t matter how much money a government brings in, it’s never enough. Truth is revealed; Alberta, once the richest province is now going through a crises with budget shortfalls due to the collapse of the $100-150 a barrel boom. In fact countries all over the world are facing the same crisis. That cost is directly responsible for the crises we have today, every thing a consumer buys is influenced by cost of fuel whether it be part of the manufacturing process of goods or the transportation of every single item.

  The Liberal government has always enjoyed a constant increase in commodity prices of sorts to fuel the economy and their pet projects. Liberal constantly compare their ability to balance the budget to the NDP when in fact the world was in different situations that allowed  BC to profit during the liberal administration from commodity prices and  royalties. In fact the world enjoyed a economic boom for which the liberal government is taking full responsibility for.

  If we are to believe the propaganda the Liberals spew about how they are responsible for the last five years of economic boom, then they must also be responsible for the current recession. The gaul of these people to make laws as if they were Greek Gods; Gordon the Greek God of Hypocrisy LAW: No Deficit!

  I don’t know…maybe it’s cause I’m just a dumb citizen, but to me if there is a law, then there must be a prosecution charge for breaking that law.
A sentencing of a fine or jail and criminal record. You or I break the law we are surely dealt a swift blow, a mere seatbelt fine is $170 so surely, breaking the law of “no deficit” must have a fine other than humility.

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